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The cleaning method of air conditioner should include three parts,


The first air conditioning body housing and exposed parts, easy to pollution parts;


Second filter cleaning, is the most important part of the core;


The third part of the condenser and evaporator, relatively rare, and maintenance together, the equivalent of a small cleaning system, which belongs to the large "operation", often appear in the old air conditioner or "special offer machine" and "inferior machine", this kind of air conditioner without much cleaning and maintenance of value, not detailed.


Cleaning method for air conditioner casing and corresponding parts of air conditioner is simple, as long as the water to add a little soap powder and detergent, or special air conditioner cleaning liquid can take a considerable part of clean air conditioner, meet the operation requirements of cleaning.


As for the key parts of household air cleaning filtering net cleaning, the indoor air conditioner cover open, remove the filter, the filter with a clean brush to brush, attached to the filtering net most dirt clean, then soaked in the mixture contains a special air conditioner cleaning fluid or homemade cleaning solution or wash clean fine and soap powder, soaking time 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the filter is dirty and soaked, end with a bottle brush gently brush filter, so that each filter hole is clear and transparent, no blockage traces, after dry clean cloth, special inspection in good condition, the filter is mounted to the body, as whether the normal operation. If the normal approval may sign the bill, the end of the cleaning work.


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