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01 temperature setting 26 ℃
It is the most suitable temperature to turn on the air conditioner to 26 ℃, which can keep the temperature difference between 8 ℃ and 10 ℃ between indoor and outdoor.
Secondly, the human body has certain thermoregulation ability, but this ability is limited. If the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, it is easy to get sick.
Open windows and ventilate after 023 hours
Wei Luqing, director of the respiratory department of the Affiliated Hospital of the Armed Police Medical College, said that the indoor air may not be fresh if the windows are not opened for ventilation within 3 hours; if the air is not changed within 6 hours, the air will be seriously polluted, and the degree of pollution may endanger health.
When the air conditioner is on for a long time, the indoor oxygen supply is insufficient, which is easy to cause cold, drowsiness, slow response and other symptoms. Therefore, when the air conditioner is on for 3 hours, the window should be opened for ventilation.
03 adjust the air outlet to blow upward
When cooling, it's better to turn the air-conditioning wind upward and let the cold air circulate from top to bottom.
When the air conditioner is just turned on, high wind can be used to speed up the process of heat exchange between the room air and the air conditioner, and the room temperature can quickly approach the set temperature. When you feel comfortable, you can set the wind speed to a low level to reduce noise.
04 put a basin of water at the air outlet
In the air conditioning room for a long time, will feel the skin become dry, at this time because of the cold air away from the water, accelerate the evaporation of tears.
Put a basin of water at the air outlet of the air conditioner to relieve dry eyes and dry skin.
Sleeping on one side
In the evening, when the air conditioner is turned on to sleep, the mouth is generally opened for breathing. The dust in the air is easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract, and the air flow goes back and forth in the oropharynx. Many friends wake up feeling dry and hard to swallow.
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