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1、 Advantages of air duct air conditioning
1. It can be hidden in the ceiling to prevent the problem of poor appearance of the external suspension. It can also cooperate with the decoration style of the family to save certain space.
1. Compared with the central air conditioning, the price is relatively low, the effect and appearance of use are no different from that of the central air conditioning, and the repair price is also lower than that of the central air conditioning. However, compared with the ordinary hanging machine, it is slightly more expensive, but it is much higher than the hanging machine, and it is also more practical.
2. It is very convenient to use and repair, and the application program is also simple. There is no need for professionals to manage the work, and the maintenance can be carried out once a short time.
3. The high static pressure fan is used for the air duct fan. The air outlet is relatively evenly distributed and the air pressure is very high. As long as the air duct is well designed, the indoor air circulation can be evenly distributed, and there is no need to worry about the situation that the wind cannot be blown in other places.
4. Healthy and beautiful body, saving space, ordinary hanging machine in each room must be installed with a PS, while the air duct machine in a house only needs to install a PS, which is very space saving, and the air duct machine will be added with new wind source when it is used, so that the air quality in the room can be improved, which is very healthy for the people in the house.
2、 Disadvantages of air duct air conditioning
1、 To carry out the ceiling, and the height of the ceiling to be very high, so it is not very suitable for the house with low floor spacing to install.
2. If you don't install the air volume control valve, you can't let each room control it alone. Installing the air volume control valve must cost a certain amount of money.
3. The power consumption is relatively large, because the technology of constant frequency is used, and the power consumption is relatively large when it is opened for a long time. Of course, some of them are frequency conversion.
3、 Maintenance method of air duct air conditioner
1. When cleaning, we need to clean and sterilize the filter screen of the air supply outlet and the air return outlet, and use the occupied cleaner of the central air conditioner to clean and sterilize.
2. It is also necessary to clean the dust on the impeller, volute and motor, and pay attention to add some lubricating oil to the shaft of the motor, so as to avoid the frequent use of the uncomplicated situation.
3. When cleaning, pay attention to check whether the water pipe is connected firmly, whether there is frequent water leakage, and check whether the insulation is good. Clean the inside of the air duct fan, pay special attention to the water pan and filter screen, and clean the dust and sundries on it.
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