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Avoid installing on the financial position
Although the financial position in the bedroom for the owners of the financial impact is not obvious, but if you place air conditioning in this position, then you can avoid the damage to the wind and water transport in the bedroom. However, it should be noted that the reason why the air conditioner has the characteristics of destroying the geomancy is that it can generate wind itself, and the impact of different blowing methods on the geomancy will be greatly different.
Select Taiji point
The so-called Taiji point is actually the center of the bedroom, the center of the overall operation of air transport. If you are afraid that the air conditioner can be in the center of the bedroom, you can ensure that the temperature in the bedroom drops or rises at the fastest speed when blowing, so as to achieve the best cooling and warming effect. Because of this, the most suitable type of air conditioning for Taiji point should be central air conditioning, and other types of air conditioning can not exhaust in all directions.
Choose Wenchang position
Wenchang represents personal fortune such as personal career development, official fortune, fame and fortune in Fengshui of home furnishing. If the air conditioner is placed in Wenchang position, these fortune features can be significantly improved. Another point is that Wenchang is a fire in the five elements, which is in line with the five element attribute characteristics of air conditioning, so you can choose Wenchang position when placing air conditioning in the bedroom.
The blowing mouth should not be straight to the head of the bed
This and mirror, TV and so on bedroom installment geomancy are same, is to avoid to sleep on the bed the man-made Cheng air transport impact. In fact, if a person's body has been impacted by the cold air flow, there will definitely be hypothermia and other health effects. So the air conditioner can't face the bed directly, neither the head nor the tail of the bed is suitable.
Not above the head of the bed
This kind of installation will cause the condition that the crossbeam is pressed against the top, so that the artificial sleeping under the air conditioner will be pressed against the top, causing headache and other diseases. This condition must be avoided if it occurs, it needs to be modified immediately.
A hairdryer should not face a fortune
Wealth is the place where wealth and gas gather. If it is directly impacted by the air flow, it will be blown away directly, which makes wealth and gas unable to gather and leads to the continuous decline of wealth and fortune in the family.


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