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Turn on the air conditioning shell, you may be scared by this high-energy scene. Self brain Mending: this air-conditioning filter screen is full of bacteria and mites. When the wind blows, hundreds of thousands of mites are occupying every corner of your bedroom. You are afraid to think about it.
Through this epidemic, the epidemic will change many people's living habits, and it will certainly call for people to reflect on the importance of air conditioning cleaning.
However, there are still many people have more or less misunderstandings about air conditioning cleaning. Today, let's give science popularization to daga.
误区.1 只清洗滤网
Misunderstanding. 1 filter screen cleaning
Many people think that "the household central air conditioner can be used for 2 or 3 months in a year, and it's better to wipe it before using it in summer". Therefore, the frequently cleaned pollution part in the air conditioner is usually the filter screen.
Air conditioning cleaning = air conditioning filter cleaning? NONONO!
In fact, in addition to the filter screen inside the air conditioner, the indoor and outdoor heat exchanger, water pan, etc. are also serious disaster areas, where there are a lot of dust, bacteria, mites, which are easy to cause harm to the human body.
误区.2 想起来才清洗
Misunderstanding. 2 clean up only when you think about it
Many families will appear, occasionally remember to clean the air conditioning situation, in fact, this is a big mistake.
Xiaoju hereby reminds you to clean the air conditioner once or twice a year as much as possible, especially when it is exchanged in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
In addition, in the use process, the filter screen can also be taken out and cleaned once every half a month to keep it clean at any time.
误区.3 自己随意用消毒剂清洗
Misunderstanding. 3 wash with disinfectant at will
In addition to cleaning the filter screen, many small partners with strong hands-on ability began to use disinfectants for "deep cleaning".
However, when people are in close contact with disinfectant, even if they wear masks and gloves, they will inevitably encounter a small amount of disinfectant in the respiratory tract and skin.
Moreover, some of the internal parts of the air conditioner are not corrosion-resistant metal parts. If you use disinfectant to clean them, it is easy to cause damage to the internal components of the air conditioner, and on the contrary, it will cause air conditioner failure.
误区.4 非专业清洗师傅清洗
Misunderstanding. 4 non professional cleaning master cleaning
Are there any children's shoes for cleaning the air conditioner through small advertisements? This kind of non professional cleaning master not only has no guarantee of service, but also is prone to the phenomenon of arbitrary charges.
Therefore, Xiaoju suggests that when you want to have a deep cleaning of the air conditioner, please ask a professional cleaning master to come to your door to be more comfortable! On the one hand, it can avoid the damage of air conditioner caused by the wrong disassembly of parts, on the other hand, it can also carry out the whole body physical examination for all parts of air conditioner by the way.


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