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1. Whether the outdoor unit is ventilated or not is the guarantee of the normal operation of the air conditioner and the cooling or heating effect of the air conditioner.
2. The sundries stored around the outdoor unit or around the installation location (when the shelter around the outdoor unit is less than 3 meters), will cause abnormal increase of air conditioning operation pressure, increase of compressor load, increase of power consumption, decrease of performance, and decrease of refrigeration and heating effect. In serious cases, the air conditioner cannot operate normally.
Air conditioning external ventilation - air conditioning external ventilation maintenance
1. The outdoor axial flow fan is damaged. The fan of outdoor unit is damaged, which makes the condenser unable to dissipate heat, causes the compressor to overheat, and causes the overheat overcurrent protector of compressor to jump off. Remove the 4 screws of the feed grille. Use a wrench to remove the fixed blade screw and the base plate. After replacing the fan, run the fan first. If the fan blade reverses, it means that the motor line and the capacitor plug-in are connected reversely. Chengdu air conditioning maintenance center tells you that the operation direction of the blades shall be subject to the direction indicated by the operation arrow marked on the blades. If there is no arrow mark, the maintenance personnel can determine the direction of rotation by observing the rotation angle of the impeller. Put your hands on the outside of the air impeller grille. When the blades are reversed, the air volume is small, and when the blades are rotating forward, the air volume is large.
2.室外轴流扇叶损坏。室外机风机扇叶一般为3-5叶,形状像螺旋浆。电机运转时,带动扇叶沿轴线方向产生气流。扇叶损坏,室外机会发出鸣的噪声。修理时,可用电钻在扇叶损坏处两侧打直径lmm的小孔,用铜丝将扇叶固定。然后用c31型ab胶按1:1分量配制,涂抹在损坏处。涂胶的地方用100w灯泡烘烤30分钟。2个小时后即可复原使用。若风机扇叶运转良好,冷凝器却非常热,应检查冷凝器是否过脏。清洁冷凝器的方法:一是用气体吹洗,气压不得高于 0.02mpa,否则会把翅片吹倒。二是用水冲洗,注意不得把水溅到电器部件上。
2. The outdoor axial flow fan blade is damaged. The fan blades of outdoor units are generally 3-5, which are shaped like spiral pulp. When the motor is running, it drives the blades to generate air flow along the axis direction. The fan blades are damaged, and the noise may be emitted outdoors. During the repair, the electric drill can be used to drill a small hole with a diameter of 1 mm on both sides of the damaged part of the fan blade and fix the fan blade with copper wire. Then use C31 type AB glue to prepare according to 1:1, and apply it on the damaged part. Bake the glued area with 100W bulb for 30 minutes. It can be recovered in 2 hours. If the fan blades work well, but the condenser is very hot, check whether the condenser is too dirty. Method of cleaning condenser: first, use gas to purge, and the air pressure shall not be higher than 0.02MPa, otherwise the fins will be blown down. Second, wash with water, and pay attention not to splash water on electrical components.
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