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Ten requirements for air conditioner maintenance should be kept in mind
Some families think they can use the air conditioner once and for all, but they don't know how to maintain it, which affects the service life. In fact, like people, the air conditioner needs to be maintained frequently. The requirements are as follows:
Air conditioning maintenance I, often clean the air filter.
Generally, it should be cleaned once every 2-3 weeks. Steps: remove the panel; extract the air filter screen; clean the air filter screen. Wash the air filter screen under the tap water. As the filter screen is made of plastic frame and polyester fiber, it can not be washed with hot water above 40 ℃ to prevent shrinkage and deformation. After cleaning, the water on the filter screen can be dried, inserted into the panel and installed with air conditioner.
Air conditioning maintenance II. Protect the fins of condenser and evaporator.
The heat sink of condenser and evaporator is made of 0.15mm aluminum sheet which is sleeved into copper tube and then expanded. It can't withstand collision. If the heat sink (rewind) is damaged, it will affect the cooling effect of air conditioner and reduce the cooling efficiency. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the protection.
Third, protect the refrigeration system.
If the components or connecting lines of the refrigeration system are damaged, the refrigerant will leak and the air conditioner will not be able to cool.
Air conditioning maintenance IV. select fuse (fuse) correctly.
Select the specification of the fuse according to the rated current indicated in the product manual. If it is too large, it will not play a role of insurance. If it is too small, it will often fuse.
Air conditioning maintenance v. the manual stop and open operation time of air conditioning shall be more than 2 minutes apart, and can not be stopped or opened continuously.
Air conditioning maintenance VI. prevent the electrical system from moisture. The electric system is easy to leak when it is damp. Therefore, water must not enter the electrical system, especially in rainy and rainy seasons, and more attention should be paid to moisture-proof.
Air conditioning maintenance 7. Always check whether the contact between the power plug and the socket is good and whether it is loose or falling off.
8. Pay attention to the operation sound of air conditioner. When the air conditioner is heard to have abnormal noise during operation, such as metal collision, motor buzz, shell vibration, etc., it shall be shut down immediately to check the cause, and it is not allowed to continue using blindly, so as to avoid greater damage.
Air conditioning maintenance IX. wipe the external surface of the air conditioner, especially the panel part, to keep the air conditioner clean. Clean the dust of outdoor cooler with long brush every half a year. Remove the core every year, and inject proper lubricating oil into the fan motor bearing. The refrigeration system does not need to be treated, as long as the surface dirt is removed.
Air conditioner maintenance X. water cooled air conditioner shall be used. When the refrigeration system is working, the water source shall not be closed. For outdoor air-cooled condenser, dust shall be removed every 1-2 months. When the machine is stopped in winter, the water stored in the water-cooled condenser shall be drained out to prevent cracking.


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