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来源: 日期:2020-05-07 发布人:admin
  There are countless reports about the bad situation in the maintenance industry. Maybe there will be one or two "rat droppings" in every industry, but it can't destroy a pot of soup. We can't call a large group of teachers who do maintenance so carefully as "dirty heart", "sky high price", "evil" and "violence" because of such one or two people.
  What's more, when you see a group of people who want to repair the air conditioner and bring you "warmth" or "cool", how can you bear to blame them, because they represent the majority of this group. When you see them hanging on the exterior wall with safety ropes, you have to pay the same maintenance fee. Faced with such a dangerous environment, you don't even have the courage to walk out of the outer wall.
  I have seen many reports on the Internet, including good ones and bad ones. But in general, most of the maintenance masters are worthy of our respect, and the maintenance methods are also diverse. We feel sorry for the unexpected teachers. We hope that the master will take safety measures at work based on his own safety. Life is the most important!
  After reading so many relevant reports, I really don't want to say that the maintenance workers are not good. They're really hard. If you get the same treatment, will you do such a dangerous job? Please show them more tolerance and respect!


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