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来源: 日期:2020-05-04 发布人:admin
  In the process of air conditioning maintenance, we often encounter the problem of air conditioning start-up failure. Today, triple home appliances will teach you some common troubleshooting tips.
  Situation 1. There are two common types of air conditioning that do not start. First, they do not respond when they are powered on. These are small things. It is normal to detect 5V and other important voltage measurements first. Most of these problems can be solved by replacing crystal oscillators other than the CPU. If there is a beep when the power is on, or if the remote control is not turned on manually, it is basically because the receiver head is broken. If you can't change the receiving head, you can check it on the Internet. It's not hard at all. It's easy to find the anchor of the receiving board, and it's easy to find the negative electrode of the capacitor or the other two feet of the anchor on the wide wire of the circuit board.
  Case 2. The air conditioner switches automatically at irregular intervals. Some people make a noise in the middle of the night. At this time, cleaning the receiving board, replacing the receiving head or removing the automatic change-over switch can basically solve the problem.
  Case 3. The external machine will automatically stop after a few minutes or dozens of minutes of starting, or the external machine will not start to replace the indoor tube temperature sensor.
  Situation 4. Start up to display various fault codes, ha ha ha, I think you will not remember all the air conditioning codes, I never remember the fault codes, teach you the tips, 1 test the connection between internal and external machines. 2. Measuring sensor. 3. Measure the power supply voltage. 4. Switch to [380V] and check that the phase is off.
  Observe whether the current and indoor and outdoor machines are too dirty. I believe that the general problem can be solved.
  Case 5. Compressor thermal protection is considered to be the most headache in all air conditioning maintenance. This problem usually can't be solved by conventional methods. In the case of normal system and voltage cooling, it is better to replace the compressor. Don't waste time. Time is money. Don't listen to many of the methods mentioned in some magazines. I've used them all. The success rate is very low. unnecessary. Some people change the capillary into a short one. Don't do anything. The problem of professional ethics also affects the effect of air conditioning.


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