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  In the cold winter, if the heating effect of the air conditioner is getting worse or there is no heating suddenly, the first reaction of many people is that the air conditioner should be added with fluorine. If the air conditioner in the home has been used for many years, or fluoride leakage is caused due to improper installation, then the air conditioner needs to be fluoridated in time. Otherwise, it can not only not be used normally, but also shorten the service life of the compressor and even damage the compressor. The user can determine whether the air conditioner needs to add fluorine through the following five methods.
  新装置的空调可能因装置不当而导致制冷剂泄漏,但主要用于已使用六个月至一年的新装置的空调。经过一年的正常使用,五年内氟缺乏的可能性很小。长时间运行后,如果空调出现管道泄漏、接头松动等问题,确实会造成制冷剂泄漏,但维修重点也应该是先找到泄漏点。这意味着在检查或维护过程中没有“氟化”,这是不可信的。无论是否使用空调,泄漏都发生在堵塞系统的连接处或管道磨损和泄漏处。如果有泄漏,必须找到并消除,并且必须补充制冷剂。它被保存在阻塞系统中。"The air conditioner of the new unit may leak refrigerant due to improper installation, but it is mainly used for the air conditioner of the new unit which has been used for six months to one year. After one year of normal use, the possibility of fluorine deficiency in five years is very small. After a long time of operation, if the air conditioner has pipeline leakage, loose joints and other problems, it will indeed cause refrigerant leakage, but the key point of maintenance should also be to find the leakage point first. This means that there is no "fluorination" during inspection or maintenance, which is not credible. No matter whether air conditioner is used or not, leakage occurs at the connection of blocked system or at the abrasion and leakage of pipeline. If there is a leak, it must be found and eliminated, and the refrigerant must be added. It is stored in a blocking system. "所以,空调制冷效果不好,毕竟,我们应该如何找到原因呢?
  So, the cooling effect of air conditioning is not good. After all, how should we find out the reason?
  1. If it is found that the air conditioner cannot be turned on, the consumer can first check whether the battery of the remote control has power, and recommend replacing the ordinary battery for about half a year.
  2.遥控器必须设置成雪花形状,尤其是对于老年人。由于视力不好,设置容易出错,或者设置的温度没有达到起点(通常设置在25 -26度)。
  2. The remote control must be set in the shape of snowflakes, especially for the elderly. Due to poor vision, the setting is prone to error, or the set temperature does not reach the starting point (usually set at 25-26 degrees).
  3. Remove the components of the remote control. Next, you can feel the temperature of the air outlet of the indoor unit with the back of your hand, or put the thermometer at the air outlet to stop the test. If the temperature difference between the air inlet and the air outlet exceeds 10 degrees (13-17 degrees), the air conditioner is cooling.


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