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  As a key system, the normal operation of air conditioning and refrigeration system directly affects the indoor air quality and life experience, especially in the case of high outdoor temperature in summer. Therefore, the fault analysis of air conditioning system can be said to be very critical.
  空调制冷系统故障分析Fault analysis of air conditioning and refrigeration system制冷系统是一个复杂的系统,由四个主要部件和许多相互联系、相互影响的附件组成。常见问题包括压缩机停机、冷却能力不足或无冷却等。常用的检查方法是“一视二听三摸”。
  Refrigeration system is a complex system, which is composed of four main components and many interrelated and interactive accessories. Common problems include compressor shutdown, insufficient cooling capacity or no cooling, etc. The common inspection method is "one view, two listening and three touching".
  "First look" is to check the fault phenomenon, including the TCMs and air conditioning fault appearance on the air conditioning control panel, the appearance of the indicator light, the operation of the temperature relay, whether the suction and discharge pressure of the compressor are within the normal range, the temperature in the guest room, the operation of the fan, and whether there is oil stain on the refrigeration pipeline.
  "The second listening" is to listen to the noise when the compressor rotates far away, "all" is the liquid impact sound of the compressor, "dada" is the internal metal impact sound. If there is a large vibration sound, please listen to the sound of the operation of the refrigeration unit. Then check the fan operation and bearing wear.
  "Three touch" refers to the external surface temperature of the touch filter, which should be slightly higher than the ambient temperature. If it is significantly lower than the ambient temperature, it indicates that most of the mesh of the screen is blocked, which makes the refrigerant not move smoothly and leads to throttling and cooling. Touch the cooling and heating level of the suction and exhaust pipes installed for cooling. During normal operation, the suction pipe shall be cold and the exhaust pipe shall be hot, otherwise it is abnormal.
  详细故障排除流程示例(1)检查室外热交换器,如果热交换器脏污并出现轻微梗塞,停止冲洗热交换器;Detailed troubleshooting process example (1) check the outdoor heat exchanger. If the heat exchanger is dirty and slightly blocked, stop flushing the heat exchanger;(2)如果检测到压缩机的运行电流过大或排气管段堵塞,应修理制冷系统,并停止系统中的制冷剂再填充。
  (2) If the running current of the compressor is detected to be too high or the exhaust pipe section is blocked, repair the refrigeration system and stop the refrigerant refilling in the system.
  (3)如果发现冷凝风机反转,外部风量不能正常停止制冷,相位顺序调整正确;(3) If it is found that the condensation fan is reversed, the external air volume cannot stop cooling normally, and the phase sequence is adjusted correctly;(4)如果发现室外通风机不转动,应检查电机是否烧毁或电机滚珠轴承是否损坏,如有异常,应停止更换电机或滚珠轴承;(4) If it is found that the outdoor fan does not rotate, check whether the motor is burnt or the motor ball bearing is damaged. If there is any abnormality, stop replacing the motor or the ball bearing;(5)如果上述所有可疑故障均已排除,且故障未消失,则近似比率为空气或不凝性气体混入系统。需要再次对系统抽真空,然后加入制冷剂。
  (5) If all the above suspected faults have been eliminated and the faults have not disappeared, the approximate ratio is air or non condensable gas mixed into the system. It is necessary to vacuumize the system again and then add refrigerant.
  Therefore, for the problems that have occurred, corresponding to the detailed problem information, find out the detailed problem description, and clean up the problems from easy to difficult, can easily find out the detailed problem content, which is easy to maintain and apply.


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