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  We know that in summer, the air conditioner mixes and filters the outdoor air with the fresh air drawn out, and then sends the air into the room by cooling and reducing the humidity. After the air enters the room to obtain sensible heat, it reaches the indoor design temperature. At the same time, the incoming air obtains the indoor latent heat (water vapor) and achieves the indoor design humidity.
  In winter, air conditioning is used for heating and humidification. In this case, the ideal air conditioning and ventilation equipment is composed of fan, return fan and exhaust fan.
  However, due to the construction cost, most places are only equipped with ventilators, and outdoor air cooling cannot be stopped in these places. In air conditioning equipment, such as unit air conditioning units, some are equipped with coolers and ventilators.
  In order to reduce the indoor cooling load and sensible heat load, the indoor design temperature should be maintained. When the air conditioning stops, ventilation (constant air volume method) and variable air volume method (variable air volume method) are used to keep the temperature of the ventilation air constant. Therefore, the energy-saving measures of air conditioning equipment need to fully consider fans, air ducts, cold (hot) water pumps and automatic control devices.
  In order to keep the indoor temperature and humidity in a warm range throughout the year, it is sometimes necessary to reheat when cooling. However, in addition to the special conditions such as constant temperature and humidity room and the harsh indoor temperature and humidity conditions, if the residual energy can not be used, the ordinary air-conditioned room does not need to stop reheating.
  After the waste heat is recovered, the load of fresh air is reduced. In order to stop the heat exchange between the incoming fresh air and the indoor exhaust air, the safety communicator is used in the super high-rise buildings and hotels. After the total heat exchanger is used, the load of fresh air is reduced by about 70%, thus reducing the power of refrigerator, cooling water pump and cold water pump. In addition, when heated, it will further increase its effect and greatly reduce the consumption of pigments.
  In addition, when possible, automatic control device and centralized control device are generally used to strengthen the operation management and daily maintenance of the equipment, which is very beneficial to energy conservation.


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