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来源: 日期:2020-04-13 发布人:admin
  Split air conditioning and central air conditioning are common types of air conditioning in our daily life, but no matter what kind of air conditioning, regular cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning is very important.
  In our daily life, if the size of the room is not very large, the number of rooms is not very large, it is not very common for several rooms to turn on air conditioning together, which is more targeted and selective, then split air conditioning is more beneficial to the use of resources.
  However, if the area of the house is quite large, the number of rooms is relatively large, and there will be multiple air conditioners turned on at the same time, then the advantage of central air conditioning is relatively prominent.
  No matter what kind of air conditioner is used, the central air conditioner and split air conditioner need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. However, the cleaning of split air conditioner is relatively simple, and users with strong hands-on ability can complete it by themselves. It's relatively difficult to clean the central air conditioner. It's very difficult for users to operate by themselves. It needs a professional team to complete.
  In addition, once the central air conditioning fails, all the installation rooms cannot be used normally. Subsequent maintenance and repair are also troublesome. Construction is difficult and maintenance costs are high. In this respect, split air conditioning has absolute advantages.


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