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来源: 日期:2019-09-19 发布人:admin
  In summer, there are many air conditioning switches. What problems will happen after the air conditioning switches? You know, today I want to talk to you about this problem, so that you can deal with these problems easily in the future.
  1. The copper pipe joints connecting the internal and external machines are not sealed, and lead to fluorine leakage. They can not be used normally for a period of time. In the case of slow leakage, they will not be able to normal refrigeration, air conditioning and heating after one year.
  In the process of installation, improper operation leads to collapse when connecting copper pipes, which leads to the increase of system pressure, heating of compressors, abnormal shutdown and burnout of compressors in serious cases. In the process of installation, improper operation resulted in the breakage and leakage of the connecting copper pipe, and the complete failure of refrigeration and heating.
  2. No air is discharged after installation, which results in poor refrigeration and heating effect. Serious freezing particles are caused under ultra-low temperature of fluoride ion, blocking capillaries, air conditioning can not be used, and the operation is not strict. Dust enters the fluoride ion connection pipeline, causing system scaling. It is necessary to overhaul the air conditioner because it can not be used normally.
  3. Installation position is not good, such as poor sunshine and ventilation, affecting the external heat dissipation of the machine, resulting in poor heat dissipation effect, internal and external machines are not fixed, resulting in vibration, noise and serious fall.
  4. Unqualified wiring connections cause fever, short circuit and burnout, resulting in serious accidents. The incorrect connection of circuit signal leads to the failure of normal use of air conditioning functions, unstable operation of air conditioning and serious burnout of circuit boards.
  5. The unreasonable installation of drainage pipes results in the failure of condensate discharge or the unbalance of internal machinery, which results in the failure of condensate discharge and the failure of drainage pipe joints, resulting in leakage.


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