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  Pay attention to the installation of water-cooled air conditioning. Pay attention to the size of the room. Usually, we need to determine the amount of refrigeration required according to the size of the room. We can calculate the refrigeration capacity of 150W per square metre. In a square meter room, a water-cooled air conditioner with refrigeration capacity of about 1500W is needed.
  Water-cooled air conditioning should be installed in a place conducive to ventilation. We can't point the outlet to our rest places, such as sofas and beds. Otherwise, the cold air will blow directly to people. This can easily lead to colds and other diseases. Therefore, when installing water-cooled air conditioning, try to avoid this situation.
  The water pipe of water-cooled air conditioning is different from that of common air conditioning. Only galvanized steel pipe is enough to meet the daily use of water-cooled air conditioning.
  Water-cooled air conditioning absorbs heat by evaporation of water, which is a non-polluting natural renewable resource. Therefore, we can use water-cooled air conditioning to achieve environmental protection and energy saving. Water-cooled air conditioning does not use refrigerant, which is said to produce no chemical pollution. It can greatly reduce emissions of exhaust gas and waste heat, save electricity and protect the environment.
  Water-cooled air conditioning is very different from household air conditioning. Water-cooled air conditioning does not require outdoor equipment. Water-cooled air conditioning does not require compressors, saving space. The same water-cooled air conditioning is cheaper. In addition, the use of water-cooled air conditioning is also very energy-saving, is a very cost-effective air conditioning.
  Water-cooled air conditioning relies on water cooling, with large water flow and large heat transfer area of evaporator, which makes the cooling effect of water-cooled air conditioning very good and can be reduced from high temperature to comfortable temperature in a short time. It's faster than ordinary air conditioning.
  Water-cooled air conditioning is equipped with water separator because of its special working principle. The unit directly eliminates the flow noise in air conditioning. At the same time, water-cooled air conditioning has a strong ability to purify air, which can separate a large number of negative ions. Give us a comfortable indoor environment.


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