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  This paper is provided by the air conditioning maintenance master, and lists the characteristics of air conditioning refrigerant leakage.
  If the air conditioner is operating within the normal temperature control range. Poor or or no refrigeration. Check air conditioning for fluorine leakage. Specific test should first let the air conditioning compressor run for about half an hour, and then through the inspection of different parts of the body to analyze and judge.
  1. 打开室内空调外壳面板,取下空气滤清器格栅,观察蒸发器结霜面积。蒸发器表面仅结少量霜,说明空调制冷剂严重不足或泄漏。这是因为制冷剂在管道中的循环不足,影响了空调的正常冷却效果。
  1. Open the outer panel of the indoor air conditioner, remove the air filter grille, and observe the frosting area of the evaporator. Only a small amount of frost on the surface of the evaporator indicates serious shortage or leakage of refrigerant in air conditioning. This is because the refrigerant circulation in the pipeline is insufficient, affecting the normal cooling effect of air conditioning.
  2. 将空调设置在制冷运行状态下,使预设的制冷温度比室内温度低5~C左右。空调压缩机正常运行约20分钟后,如果室内铜管表面结霜,则证明制冷剂已泄漏。
  2. Set the air-conditioner in the refrigeration operation state, so that the preset refrigeration temperature is about 5~C lower than the indoor temperature. After 20 minutes of normal operation of air conditioning compressor, if the surface of indoor copper tube frosts, it proves that refrigerant has leaked.
  3.空调正常运行半小时后,将温度计水银敏感头固定在空调出风口。几分钟后,观察体温计,看温度是否比室温低4C ~ 8℃。如实际测得的温度不符合上述要求,或与当前室内温度基本相同,且空调压缩机机组仍在正常运行时,制冷剂已泄漏。
  3. After half an hour of normal operation of the air conditioner, fix the mercury sensitive head of the thermometer in the air conditioning outlet. After a few minutes, observe the thermometer to see if the temperature is 4C - 8 C lower than the room temperature. If the actual measured temperature does not meet the above requirements, or is basically the same as the current indoor temperature, and the air conditioning compressor unit is still in normal operation, refrigerant has leaked.
  4. 检查室外机组排气情况。当空调正常运行时,用手掌上的排气口感受空气温度。
  4. Check the exhaust of outdoor units. When the air conditioner is running normally, feel the air temperature with the vent on the palm.
  5. 空调灌注制冷剂和冷冻油,因为彼此会产生一系列的溶解度,所以当制冷剂泄漏的线,线的铜管连接室外部分,黄铜钟,气体和液体等处的阀门,阀芯将剩下的油,所以当有油跟踪检查相关的部分,也充分证明这一点是汇集制冷剂。
  5. Air-conditioning fills refrigerant and refrigerant, because each other will produce a series of solubility, so when the refrigerant leakage line, the copper pipe connecting chamber outside the line, brass bell, gas and liquid valves, the valve core will be the remaining oil, so when there are oil tracking inspection related parts, it is fully proved that this is a convergent refrigerant.
  6. 窗式空调制冷剂的不足或泄漏,最简单的方法是,空调压缩机制冷条件在正常操作期间,手掌在背后的空调冷凝快门窗外,如果感觉热量不高或轻微的发烧,或没有热排气,和窗口机压缩机仍在正常运行,机器有严重不足或制冷剂的泄漏。,
  6. The shortage or leakage of refrigerant in window air conditioning. The simplest method is that the refrigeration condition of air conditioning compressor is in normal operation, and the palm of the hand is outside the air conditioning condensing shutter behind it. If the heat is not high or slightly feverish, or there is no heat exhaust, and the window compressor is still in normal operation, the machine has serious shortage or the leakage of refrigerant. Leakage. ,
  The basic situation of the above problems is that many household air conditioners are prone to problems. According to the advice of air conditioning maintenance master, early detection and early solution can avoid secondary air conditioning failure.


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