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  What if the air conditioner has a bad smell when it is turned on?
  In hot summer, air-conditioning products have become a heat dissipation tool. Many friends come home on a busy green day. The first thing is to turn on the air conditioner and enjoy its air conditioning. However, some friends in the use process will also find that there is a strange smell of the air conditioning wind at home, whether there is something bad inside, what is the reason for it? What is the solution?
  First, let's understand why air conditioning produces odor after long-term use.
  1. When air conditioning is used perennially, a certain amount of dust will be squeezed in indoor filters and copper, so when a certain amount of dust is accumulated, a certain odor will be produced. With the opening of air conditioning, the odor of air conditioning wind will float into the air.
  2. Because of the refrigeration and heating of air conditioning, in many cases, there will be moisture in the interior of the machine in the room, so when the air conditioning is closed, the air conditioning without the function of drying and mildew prevention will be closed immediately, so the internal moisture, long-term production of molds, mold flavor will naturally occur.
  What are the dangers?
  1. 影响室内环境的健康。
  1. Influencing the health of indoor environment.
  2. 过多的粉尘等物料积压会严重影响空调的制冷和热效率,增加空调的功耗。
  2. Excessive dust and other materials backlog will seriously affect the refrigeration and thermal efficiency of air conditioning, and increase the power consumption of air conditioning.
  What should we do?
  In fact, in this case, if the service life of the air conditioner is not very long, only the panel and media and other places have dust, users can simply clean themselves, and open the panel to remove water erosion can be a simple solution to odor problems.
  If the air conditioner has been used for a long time, users can not do simple cleaning on their own, we need to contact the professional after-sales cleaning team to clean the air conditioner in time, so that the air conditioner is healthier and fresher.
  Air conditioning after-sales maintenance reminds users:
  Now is the peak period of air conditioning use, the majority of consumers should be vigilant, car wash, car change and other aspects must not seek small profits to find roadside advertising, so that not only the quality of service can not be guaranteed, but also there is no room for research.


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