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  Water and fluorine machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Central air-conditioning system has been widely used in domestic air-conditioning projects, and it has to be selected according to the needs of users and the specific conditions of the project.
  Comparison of Water and Fluorine Machines for Household Central Air Conditioning
  In general, air-cooled heat pump chillers are selected as water equipment in household central air-conditioning system. The cold/hot water generated is connected to each indoor unit (fan coil unit) through PRR pipe, so as to achieve the function of refrigeration and heating. Because the flow in the pipeline is water, it has the characteristics of small air temperature difference and high comfort. At the same time, the dehumidification ability is not as strong as that of fluorine machine, and there will be no dry mouth in the air-conditioned room. In the aspect of energy regulation, water temperature is used to control the start-up and shutdown of compressors, which requires high installation requirements and relatively high engineering cost.
  There are two forms of fluorine machine: one is single tractor and the other is household cabinet hanger. However, the length of takeover is different in the form of internal air-conditioning, which is relatively low in cost, and has the beauty of central air-conditioning and the form of air supply. The other one is frequency conversion multi-drag equipment, mainly for Haier, Haier and other Japanese brand-level equipment, with high control accuracy, frequency conversion energy saving and other advantages. However, the characteristics of flexible capacity allocation, large air supply temperature, complex electronic control system, high maintenance cost and high engineering cost are also used in some high-end users.
  When choosing the form of air conditioning system, the best form is the form of air conditioning suitable for their own needs.


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