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  Although the evaporator is very easy to use, it appears in the process of using the evaporator defrosting electric heating tube burned out, the water pan heating room burned out, so the paper introduces the evaporator equipment problems, analyzes the root causes of the problems, and puts forward the corresponding improvement measures.
  Do you know the problems in defrosting of evaporator and the improvement measures?
  Evaporators often do not defrost
  Electric heat pipe evaporator is easy to burn out, because the electric heat pipe evaporator is a group of two heating pipes in series, one of which is burned out, the wire is interrupted, can not work properly, so the frost body on the evaporator can not melt.
  The water dish has frozen.
  There is no electric heating pipe in water vegetable, although there are the same electric heating wire and water pipe, but the power is very small, the quality is poor, and often fails. Because the temperature reaches 18 at low temperature, after defrosting of evaporator, the water enters the refrigerating pot too late to run through the drainage pipe normally.
  The sewer is frozen.
  Fault of electric heating wire in downcomer. Because the electric heating wire of the downcomer is always in working state and its quality is poor, the failure rate of the electric heating wire of the downcomer is very high. Because the original downspout pipe is long, once its electric heating wire breaks down, in low temperature environment, the water entering the downspout pipe has not run away and began to freeze, and always can not defrost normally.
  Improvement measures:
  The main reason why the evaporator can not defrost is the accumulation of electric heating quality, which adopts series mode. Therefore, we should use a heating pipe with rated voltage of 220 V and adopt parallel connection.
  The catchment pan is customized to ensure that the defrosting water of the evaporator does not freeze twice when it reaches the catchment pan.
  The improved water closure is to shorten the water pipe as short as possible, add a water bucket under the water receiving plate, and replace the new water receiving bucket before the water in the water receiving bucket is full.


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