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  As long as the environment is pleasant and equipped, the central ability to absorb more customers, will soon enter the hot summer, central air conditioning is very welcome things, so major shopping malls will install central air conditioning. Next, I will tell you about the design criteria and key points of central air conditioning in shopping malls.
  (1) Basic Criteria for the Design of Central Air Conditioning in Shopping Malls
  There are several basic criteria for central air conditioning in all large building installations: one is to evaluate the feasibility of central air conditioning in design installations; the other is to follow the advanced criteria for design plans; the third is to choose design and construction plans separately from practical conditions; and the fourth is to start from the whole situation and try to think about every detail that may be omitted.
  In the initial stage of design, it is necessary to make a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of the feasibility of central air conditioning in this shopping mall, including the feasibility of implementing technology and budget funds, so as to prevent the potential danger of using immature design methods to the construction.
  When designing the central air-conditioning system, we should start from practice according to the service life of the shopping mall building, design the advanced implementation plan which is in line with the environmental protection concept and energy saving, meet the needs of national policies and long-term planning, and also meet the needs of the shopping mall practice. The design of central air-conditioning system in shopping malls should take the overall situation into consideration and should not be isolated so as to prevent the construction from being completed effectively and waste manpower, financial resources and time due to the defects of the design plan.
  (2) Key points of central air conditioning design in shopping malls
  The design of central air-conditioning in shopping malls should not only comply with the basic criteria of central air-conditioning in large buildings, but also consider from the practical needs of shopping malls and make reasonable design separately from their own conditions.
  (3) Taking energy saving and environmental protection as the criterion
  Paying attention to energy saving and environmental protection of central air conditioning can reduce the operating cost of shopping malls on the one hand, and contribute to the national energy saving and sustainable development on the other hand. When designing the central air conditioning system in shopping malls, the combination installation can be selected according to the different uses of different rooms. For example, the meeting room is densely staffed and the fresh air volume is large, so the exhaust heat recovery installation can be adopted to save energy, and the filter operates with fresh air. The air curtain is installed at the main outer doors of the shopping mall and the maintenance structure adopts the method of heat preservation and insulation to reduce the loss of heat and cold.


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