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  Recently in the decoration, to buy frequency conversion air conditioning classmates remind, the device must be vacuum. Look at the field is the exhaust device, that is, twist the valve to let out some gas, the correct way should be to use a vacuum pump for 30 minutes, otherwise the air conditioning is easy to break down. My proposal is: I would rather give more money to the master, but also vacuum. Even if it's vacuum pumping, there's more cat grease in it. Many operators only bring vacuum pumps, without pressure gauges. This kind of pumping method, as long as God knows whether the vacuum is there or not. It's better to tuck a few dozen pieces of tips than to refrigerate badly, or to add refrigerant again. Next, our air conditioning maintenance master will tell you about the importance of air conditioning equipment is emptying?
  Air-conditioning device, the air in the air-conditioning system must be exhausted clean when installing. If the air in the device is not exhausted clean, it will first cause great damage to the air-conditioning compressor, so the quality of the air-conditioning device must be strictly controlled.
  The air in the air-conditioning system is not exhausted clean, and sometimes there is ice jam. The load of the compressor increases. When the load of the compressor increases, the temperature of the compressor increases, and the refrigerating oil will degenerate for a long time at high temperature, which will not play a smooth and cooling role. This will further increase the temperature of the compressor, and the coil will be damaged due to the reduction of insulation at high temperature.
  From the above, we can see that the quality and meticulous level of air conditioning equipment can not be ignored. The damage of any component is a waste of resources. We should do a good job of quality control and make the details of air conditioning equipment in place.
  Conclusion: There are many ways to stop air-conditioning emptying when ordinary air-conditioning devices are in need. Now I will introduce one of the ways to empty, using vacuum pump emptying method: first, screw down the valve fluorine-filled nozzle nut, and use vacuum connection hose to stop the connection;
  The twist rotates counter-clockwise and turns it on, then closes the switch of the vacuum pump and stops pumping. After the vacuum is stopped, the back cover nut of the valve is screwed down and the valve core is turned to the end counter-clockwise with the inner hexagonal wrench. At this time, the path of the refrigeration system is opened.
  Then remove the connecting hose from the valve and tighten the connecting nut of the valve and the back cover nut. The air conditioning exhaust operation can be completed. Exhaust operation of air conditioning system is indispensable. Otherwise, it will affect the test operation of air conditioning system after completion, and may affect the normal operation of air conditioning system. Call Xi'an Air Conditioning Maintenance Telephone Consultation with Multi-Air Conditioning Maintenance Consultation.


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