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  The air conditioner that guided for about 3 hours returned to normal operation, after not refrigerating, exhaust outlet, but the wind was not cold. I went to look outside the machine and found that the external fan did not turn. I want to consult the expert, after all, what is the problem of the air conditioner? I found three places to repair the air conditioner, but none of them has been repaired. Beautiful maintenance actually means that the compressor is broken, ask me to change the compressor, compressor to 17000, I do not want to buy air-conditioning, if the compressor is broken, open air-conditioning, fan rotation, refrigeration, if the compressor is broken, can not open!
  Chunlan air conditioning repair answer: you can go to the power supply directly to receive the compressor, see if it can, if not start, change the compressor capacitance, start good words, the rest of the problem is simple, with the stick pressure valve inside, see the high pressure is not big enough, if the pressure is large enough, this is the problem of the circuit board, a fixed equipment maintenance master no problem.
  In addition, I suggest you first look at the air-conditioning room loose wing will be too inflated, you said that I encountered problems! Generally, the outdoor cold end coal pressure is too high or too strong protection, of course, does not rule out the failure of the indoor machine circuit board, because the general failure of the indoor machine LCD panel display code to be specific (for example: E6). I suggest you find a teacher to help you deal with professional maintenance, not necessarily. In the search for beauty, I have been staying in Xiamen beautiful, their technology is also very bad, outside please do not know half understand some people, usually in a relatively long time in the local main is to open a shop, so I suggest you go to find them!
  1. 遥控器设置不当。将出现:运行数小时或几分钟。关闭或自动更换排气。检查遥控器设置。
  1. The remote control is improperly set. Will appear: run for hours or minutes. Turn off or replace the exhaust automatically. Check the remote control settings.
  2. 压缩机油太少。可以出现:跑几个小时或几分钟,停下来。因为压缩机在机器外部过热不能工作。开始跑步,跑两到十分钟。听外面飞机的声音。(显然比正常的要大)
  2. Compressor oil is too little. Can appear: run for hours or minutes, stop. Because the compressor is overheated outside the machine and cannot work. Start running for two to ten minutes. Listen to the plane outside. (Obviously bigger than normal)
  3. Fault of internal temperature sensor.


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