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  After two to three years of use, air conditioners may need cleaning and maintenance if they are not well cooled or not well cooled. So the question is, how do we remove and clean the air conditioning? Well, let's see:
  Removal methods of indoor air conditioning:
  You know, the evaporator of the air conditioner is the dirtiest part. It must be cleaned with professional chemicals. Economically, it can be cleaned up once a year. From the point of view of cleanliness, every air conditioner should be cleaner every season. }
  First, turn off the power supply. You'd better pull out the plug. This is very important for avoiding accidents such as electric shock and leakage.
  2. Open the two ends of the air conditioning housing, with a small force, if not open, you can use a screwdriver to help. However, be careful when using screwdrivers, otherwise the casing can easily be damaged.
  3. Open the box and lift it over the air conditioner. It can clamp automatically, so don't worry about falling down.
  4. 你可以看到两个盒子里面有塑料,一边一个。内部是纤维板,这是空调污染严重的部分。
  4. You can see two boxes with plastic inside, one on each side. The interior is fiberboard, which is the most serious part of air conditioning pollution.
  5. 用手轻轻地向上推。记住在坐标系中有两个固定的位置。
  5. Push up gently with your hands. Remember that there are two fixed positions in the coordinate system.
  6. In the bathroom or where there is water, you can put it on the floor, wash it directly with water, and then gently brush it.
  7. Add detergent to brush several times, then clean, and finally use dry cloth to absorb moisture, without overdrying.
  8. 后,将其安装回原来的位置。
  8. Finally, install it back to its original location.


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