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  The air-conditioning temperature in the baby room is exquisite. We adults can withstand lower air-conditioning temperature, but for the baby, the air-conditioning temperature should not be too low. Infant air conditioning should be at the appropriate temperature of 27 - 28 C, outdoor temperature difference of 3 - 5 C is appropriate. It is generally recommended to be 25 - 28 C, preferably 27 - 28 C.
  And for what temperature is appropriate, experts say that when the outdoor temperature is higher than 35 degrees Celsius or indoor temperature is higher than 28 degrees Celsius - 30 degrees Celsius, the baby's body will be uncomfortable, at this time it is necessary to turn on the air conditioning to cool down. Generally, the temperature is controlled at 25-28 C, which is 3-5 C lower than the outdoor temperature. If parents observe that the baby is still sweating, they can continue to adjust until they find a comfortable temperature for the baby.
  Can Babies Blow Air Conditioning
  Whether to turn on air conditioning for children in summer has become a problem for mothers. Don't open it? The baby is very hot; is it open? I'm afraid it's not good for the baby's health. Tell me how you did it.
  If the temperature is too high, you can turn on the air-conditioning for your baby, but don't let your baby rely too much on the air-conditioning, because it will reduce the child's temperature regulation function and make him less adaptable to the environment. Parents should have a degree, otherwise they will suffer from illness.
  1. The temperature is too low, the baby is susceptible to colds and diarrhea.
  If the air conditioning temperature is regulated very low, and the temperature difference with the outside is very large, hot and cold, it is easy to cause the baby cold and diarrhea.
  2. 婴儿容易“空调”
  2. Babies are easy to "air conditioning"
  Air-conditioning disease is a comprehensive concept of disease. If air-conditioning is often turned on at home and the baby has the following symptoms, parents should pay attention to it.
  Fatigue, tension, irritability, difficulty in concentrating, memory loss; headache, dizziness, cold, fever; sore throat, stomach discomfort; dry skin, dry mucosa, respiratory allergies; varying degrees of numbness.
  3. Babies who use air conditioning for a long time are susceptible to pneumonia
  Because the baby has less subcutaneous fat, abundant capillaries, and the thermoregulation center has not yet developed well, the temperature difference that adults can not feel is obvious to the child. In the air-conditioned room in cold air environment, children are prone to pneumonia because of capillary contraction, sweat gland pore closure, sympathetic nerve excitation, visceral vasoconstriction, gastrointestinal motility weakening resistance, together with the growth and reproduction of various bacteria, molds, air pollution.


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