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  Air conditioning is a famous brand in China. Air conditioning is one of its products. Do you know how to maintain the air conditioner? When this problem occurs, dialing the air conditioner maintenance phone can help you solve this problem quickly. Let's go and have a look.
  One standard
  With strong innovative ability and deep technical accumulation, he has presided over and participated in the formulation of many national air conditioning technical standards. Lead the formulation of national energy-saving and environmental protection air-conditioning technical standards, the installation and maintenance of room air-conditioning, participate in the research of national intelligent network electrical technology standards.
  1. 看空调风是不是吸进去的感觉,对面的风可能是风机电机电线错了,可以调整电机的接触线就可以解决,大约10~30就可以做到。
  1. See if the air-conditioning wind is sucked in. The opposite wind may be the wrong electric wire of the fan motor. It can be solved by adjusting the contact wire of the motor. About 10-30 can be achieved.
  2. 控制面板下的转轴可能在出风口的路上断裂。
  2. The shaft under the control panel may break on the way to the outlet.
  3. The fan is broken, or the motor itself is out of order. This one is a bit troublesome. We need to change the engine. Receiving and sending back should be replaced, and distant letters sent in the past should be equipped with motors as far as possible. (usually caused by a short circuit)
  1. 检查绿色冰幕是否潮湿,如果倾斜或安装不当也可能发生湿帘。
  1. Check whether the green ice curtain is wet or not. Wet curtain may occur if it is inclined or improperly installed.
  2. 检查泵是否工作。如果没有,先检查线路是否断开。
  2. Check whether the pump works. If not, check whether the line is disconnected.
  3. Before installation, the ice curtain can be wetted with ice water first, so that the wind effect will be better.
  1. 检查水箱是否损坏。
  1. Check whether the water tank is damaged.
  2. 检查泵上的橡胶管是否损坏或安装不正确。这个问题可以通过更换或包裹关节来解决。
  2. Check whether the rubber pipe on the pump is damaged or incorrectly installed. This problem can be solved by replacing or wrapping joints.
  3. Another kind of water tank is inclined to leak due to the fracture of the support.
  4. 冰幕没有安装好。水从水箱里滴下来,溅到空调风扇的后盖上。正确的安装可以解决这个问题。
  4. The ice curtain has not been installed properly. Water drips from the tank and splashes on the back cover of the air conditioning fan. Correct installation can solve this problem.
  5. 许多空调风机没有水箱,底部壳体直接与万向轮连接。许多漏水是由于底部的万向轮。可检查万向轮接口是否损坏,可被胶水或普通防水胶带堵塞,可适当补偿以解决问题。
  5. Many air conditioning fans have no water tank, and the bottom shell is directly connected with the universal wheel. Many leaks are caused by the bottom cardan wheel. It can check whether the universal wheel joint is damaged, can be blocked by glue or ordinary waterproof tape, and can be compensated appropriately to solve the problem.
  6. 底部插头安装不正确,导致漏水。
  6. Installation of the bottom plug is incorrect, resulting in leakage.
  It's all about repairing air conditioning fans. If your air conditioning problem has not been solved, you can call the air conditioning maintenance phone for help.


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