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  Fluorination is a fundamental skill in air conditioning maintenance, and it is also a highly technical work. This article will introduce some experiences explored in the maintenance theory and discuss with you.
  Prerequisites for accurate fluorination
  1. Maintenance of air conditioning must conform to its operating conditions and device specifications.
  2. Maintenance of air-conditioning control systems and executing components must be normal; pipeline systems must have effectively cleaned air, moisture, congestion, leakage points and other conditions; filters, internal and external heat exchangers should be clean and well ventilated.
  3. Maintenance tools and materials must be qualified.
  4. Strictly operate according to fluorination process.
  II. The Basis and Methods of Accurate Fluorination
  1. Quantitative fluorination:
  Connect the three-way valve, pressure gauge, fluorinated hose, fluoride bottle or vacuum pump at the technological port of the three-way globe valve. After fluoride is released and vacuum is pumped, fluoride is gradually added at the beginning. When the reduction of fluorine in the fluorine bottle is equal to the standard fluorine added on the nameplate of the air conditioner, close the valve of the fluorine bottle.
  2. Current measurement:
  The air conditioner is set in the refrigeration or heating high-speed air condition (frequency conversion air conditioner is set in trial operation) and operates at the process port of the low-pressure globe valve. While adding fluorine, the clamp ammeter changes are observed. When approaching the rated working current value of the air conditioning nameplate, the valve of the fluorine bottle is closed.
  At this time, let the air conditioning continue to operate for a period of time, when the room temperature under refrigeration is close to 27 C or under heating is close to 20 C, then consider the factors affecting the rated working current, such as outdoor air temperature, grid voltage and so on. At the same time, fine-tune the amount of fluoride to reach the rated working current value, so as to accurately add fluorine. The reason for stopping fine-tuning is that the rated working current value of the nameplate of air-conditioning is the data measured by air-conditioning manufacturers under the following working conditions: refrigeration state, fan high-speed fan at 220V or 380V power supply voltage, indoor air temperature 27 C, outdoor air temperature 35 C; heating state, fan high-speed fan at 220V or 380V power supply voltage, indoor air temperature 20 C, outdoor air temperature 7 degrees Celsius.
  The fine-tuning data summarized in theory are as follows: under refrigeration condition, the air temperature of outdoor machine is 35 as the standard, the rated working current value increases or decreases by 1.4% for every increase or decrease of outdoor temperature by 1 under heating condition, the rated working current value increases or decreases by 1% for every increase or decrease of outdoor air temperature by 7 under refrigeration or heating condition, by 1% of the rated working current value. Regular supply voltage 220V or 380V. For each increase or decrease of supply voltage 1V, the rated working current value is reduced or increased: single phase 1 piece 0.025A, 1.5 piece 0.025A*1.5, 2 pieces 0.025A*2, 3 pieces 0.025A*3; three phase 3 pieces 0.025A*3, 5 pieces 0.025A*5/3, 10 pieces 0.025A*10/3.


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