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  With the increasing influence of air-conditioning market and the increasing market share, many families begin to choose isolation air-conditioning, which has fast cooling in summer and small noise decibels. However, in the winter use process, air-conditioning compressors will frequently start and shut down. Some customers reflect that they have not reached the set temperature at all. Why will they stop running for a while? What about restarting?
  Many consumers call air-conditioning after-sales telephone to inquire about the reasons, engineers said, may be caused by two reasons. Wall-hanging furnace boilers often open: the temperature is not necessarily set very high, just comfortable; when leaving home, water temperature should be lowered, but do not shut down, otherwise frequent start-up and rapid heating, not only can not save energy and shorten the life of wall-hanging furnace.
  1、 冷凝器太久没有清洗,表面积累了太多的灰尘和污垢。解决办法:只需要对冷凝器进行清理即可,去除了表面尘埃,问题就会消失。
  1. The condenser has not been cleaned for a long time, and the surface accumulates too much dust and dirt. Solution: Only need to clean the condenser, remove the surface dust, the problem will disappear.
  2、 室温控制器值设置不恰当。解决办法:将原室温与室内控制温度之间的差值加大,就可以避免。
  2. Improper setting of room temperature controller value. Solution: Increase the difference between the original room temperature and the indoor control temperature, which can be avoided.
  The selection of air-conditioning compressor is particularly prudent. For consumers, buying air-conditioning not only has a long service life, but also a high quality after-sales. Any problems in use can be called at any time. Professional after-sales engineers can serve you at any time. Refrigerator maintenance cold storage compressor wet compression, so that liquid refrigerant into the cold storage compressor cylinder, enter more than the volume of the gap in the cylinder, into the cylinder of water and oil excess or another piece of fragments fall into the cylinder.
  Cryogen. Maintenance of central air conditioning touch the surface temperature of low-pressure return pipe. Normally, the suction pipe is cold and the exhaust pipe is hot. Hand touch should feel cool, if the ambient temperature is low, there will be condensate on the surface of the low-pressure return pipe. If the return pipe does not condensate, and the high-pressure exhaust pipe is hot, and the compressor shell is also hot, it is likely that the refrigerant is insufficient. If the return pipe of the compressor condensates completely, and condenses to half or all of the compressor shell, it means that there is too much refrigerant.


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