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  Familiar with the circuit structure, first distinguish the internal and external circuit of the control board, external detection, external control and so on, distinguish whether the fault is internal or external cause - to determine whether it is a circuit control fault or a refrigeration system fault - to judge whether indoor or outdoor fault.
  1. Analysis circuit. The function of each wire or plug connected to the circuit board is analyzed, and the external circuits used to test the performance of air conditioning are found out. The open and short circuit faults of these circuits are checked.
  2. Judge the internal and external faults of the board. The peripheral circuit of the circuit board is basically normal, so it can be roughly judged that there are faults in the circuit board. The fault can be checked by voltage detection and functional debugging.
  The control panel can be judged to be normal by remote control receiving buzzing, normal operation of internal fan and working sound of four-way valve in heating operation.
  Electricity remote control does not receive, buzzing abnormal, do not operate their own work, work procedures disorder, etc. can judge the circuit board itself is faulty, or + 12V and + 5V power supply abnormal, public power circuit has circuit breaks, etc.
  I don't know the meaning of the code, in order to quickly remove the fault, I do the measurement of the pressure, voltage, current and resistance of the key points by the conventional inspection methods, which are simple, easy and difficult.
  3. Routine inspection of circuit boards:
  Fuse, whether the varistor burns out.
  + 12V, +5V filter capacitor when abnormal, on-off, load and no-load voltage of transformer coil, power supply of CPU, driving integrated circuit and triode voltage.
  Reset voltage, whether the CPU terminal is virtual welding, de-welding, 4M crystal oscillator replacement.
  Remote control receiver, display circuit measurement and substitution.
  Whether the terminals of relays, especially power relays, are off-welded or not, and whether the plugs are in bad contact.
  CPU input signal, output signal voltage, drive process measurement.
  Whether there is water immersion, corrosion, dirt on the front and back of the circuit board, whether the conductor of the galvanometer coil passes through the skeleton, whether the ends of the wires are loose or fall off.


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