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  The accumulation of dust in air duct of central air conditioning system will not only seriously pollute the indoor air, but also increase the resistance of air duct system and make the air volume of central air conditioning system fall. In addition, the temperature and humidity of air in ducts are very suitable for the growth and reproduction of some bacteria, so the central air-conditioning duct system itself may be a source of pollution.
  Cleaning process of air duct in central air conditioning
  First, Chongqing Air Conditioning Cleaning Initiative, understand the planning of fresh air duct, return air duct and supply air duct system according to the drawings.
  2. Chongqing Air Conditioning Cleaning Initiative, with air duct system as the unit of cleaning and disinfection.
  3. Chongqing Air Conditioning Cleaning Initiative, the selection of dust suction vents and cleaning vents.
  4. Chongqing Air Conditioning Cleaning Initiative, using ventilation pipe monitoring and control system to check the pollution level in the pipeline and the characteristics of the pipeline structure, and select appropriate cleaning equipment.
  Fifth, equipment and tools are transported to designated locations, and blankets are used to cover the objects below the construction site. The electrician starts to connect the temporary power supply, and the technicians find the construction entry point and stop cleaning the air ducts.
  6. Clean the fire valve of the operation section. If the cleaning is not possible, the teeth should be opened on the side of the fire valve for cleaning.
  7. After the cleaning of the air ducts in this section, the Chongqing Air Conditioning Cleaning Initiative closes the vacuum cleaner and disposes of the dirt of the collector.
  8. Video surveillance system stops monitoring and video recording before, during and after air duct cleaning, and keeps pictures.
  9. Remove suction pipes and suction pans, restore clean and disinfected air vents, Chongqing Air Conditioning Cleaning Initiative, use pre-prepared original system of the same kind of data, use rivet gun to block the air vents, and use sealant to seal the gap, and restore heat preservation data.
  10. The Chongqing Air Conditioning Cleaning Initiative checks the strength of the air duct ceiling. If the strength is not enough, shrinkage bolts should be struck on the ceiling. Reinforcement should be stopped with prefabricated angle steel pallets, and the strength of the air duct should not be affected as a criterion. The operation should be strictly in accordance with the specifications. After removing the tuyere and filter, stop cleaning with high pressure water gun at the designated place.
  11. Coil cleaning.
  12. Collect all the cleaned dirt, seal it out, and stop disinfecting and disposing of the dirt, then transport it to the designated place.
  13. After cleaning the air duct of a system, the site is stopped and restored.
  14. When leaving the arena, Party A shall accept and sign it.
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