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  Air conditioning is an electrical appliance that can refrigerate and heat. In summer, we will use the refrigeration ability of air conditioning to dissipate heat and reduce indoor temperature. In winter, we will use the heating ability of air conditioning to improve indoor temperature and avoid excessive low indoor temperature. In the south, air conditioning is more commonly used than air conditioning. Air conditioning is a famous brand of air conditioning. Many people install air conditioning in their homes. So, how do air conditioners make heat? Here is a detailed introduction to the heating method.
  Sharing the most comprehensive air conditioning application methods
  1. Connect the air conditioner to the power supply and press the switch of the remote control.
  2. Press the button of "mode" in the remote controller and select heating mode in the four options of refrigeration, dehumidification, heating and initiative. At this time, the heating icon will also appear on the air conditioning panel.
  3、等候空调作业,制热时分空调作业速度会比拟慢,热风可能要等候20分钟才会呈现,我们要有耐烦。假设空调迟迟不制热,就要思索缺点缘由,这时要能及时中止空调运转,找出缘由或请师傅上 门 处置。
  3. Waiting for air conditioning operation, air conditioning operation speed will be slower when heating, hot air may take 20 minutes to appear, we need to be patient. Assuming that the air conditioning is delayed in heating, we should consider the reasons for the shortcomings. At this time, we should be able to stop the air conditioning operation in time, find out the reasons or ask the master to come to dispose of it.
  How many degrees is suitable for air conditioning heating
  Generally speaking, the optimum temperature of air-conditioning heating in winter is 20 degrees Celsius, under which people will feel the warmest feeling; do not advocate that the heating temperature of air-conditioning should be set too high, which will lead to a monotonous indoor situation, people will affect their health for a long time in it. In this situation, air-conditioning is also overloaded in operation, the probability of damage is comparatively high, and it is very prone to occur shortcomings. 。
  Cautions for Air Conditioning and Heating
  1. When air-conditioning is just beginning to make heat, it is better to choose a low windshield, and then choose a stroke gear after the heating is completely open, so that the body has a slow process of habituation and change. Do not turn into a high windshield as soon as the air-conditioning is turned on. At this time, people's body can not get used to it in time.
  2. Air conditioning should not be kept on for a long time. After 2-3 hours, it should be shut down. Open windows to breathe, so as to avoid overheated indoors. If you don't want to turn off the air conditioning, people can get out of the central air conditioning which is not open to breathe.
  3、空调加热的时分需求在 房间 里放一小盆水,保证环境中不会过于单调,影响到身体安康。
  3. Air conditioning heating time needs to put a small basin of water in the room to ensure that the environment will not be too monotonous, affecting physical well-being.
  How does air conditioning make heat? Those who want air conditioning to have heating effect can try this method in winter to help the room get rid of the cold. Assuming that the outdoor temperature is too low, such as below minus 5 degrees Celsius, it is not advocated that people turn on air-conditioning for heating. At this time, the air-conditioning installed outside can also freeze, which can not be used properly. Self-consciously open heating is only prone to problems.
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