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  As far as we are concerned, the operation of all life depends on electricity to maintain, especially the product of household appliances, is inseparable from the electric tiger. The heating of the shaft seal in cold storage maintenance is higher than the normal temperature, which may be caused by the high pressure in the crankcase of the cold storage compressor. In this case, the oil pressure in the shaft seal greatly exceeds the atmospheric pressure, thus the unit pressure of the friction pair of the shaft seal increases. But the air-conditioning of large power-consuming households in the home also has a lot of confusion. Many consumers always feel that the air-conditioning at home is always electrified sometimes, and they are unintentionally electrified. What is this?
  其实,这和空调的装置等细节问题(Emerson)有关联。今天,笔者就给大家简单的解说(jiǎng jiě)下运用空调常遇的几个问题(Emerson)。
  In fact, it has something to do with Emerson. Today, I will give you a brief explanation (jing jihuang) under the use of air conditioning common problems (Emerson).
  1.怎样碰触变频(frequency conversion)空调外壳时会有漏电的觉得?
  1. How do you feel leakage when touching frequency conversion air conditioning housing?
  由于普通空调和变频(frequency conversion)空调器都属于Ⅰ类家用电器,当变频(frequency conversion)空调外壳未接好接地线(别称:避雷线),就会产生感应电,有漏电的觉得。因而空调器必需将电源供电的插座或开关接入空调时,确保空调器的外壳接地良好就会消弭感应电!
  Because the common air conditioner and frequency conversion air conditioner belong to class I household appliances, when the frequency conversion air conditioning shell is not connected to the ground wire (also known as lightning arrester), it will generate induction electricity, there is a feeling of leakage. Therefore, when the air conditioner must connect the socket or switch supplied by the power supply to the air conditioner, the induction power will be eliminated if the housing of the air conditioner is well grounded.
  2. If the remote control of air conditioner is not used for a long time, can the battery be taken out?
  由于遥控器在不运用时,也会使电池(Battery)产生一点功耗,劣(liè)质电池(Battery)会漏电解液堕落腐蚀 坏遥控器。冷库维修冷库紧缩机湿紧缩,使液体制冷剂进入冷库紧缩机气缸中,进入量超越该气缸内的佘隙容积,进入汽缸内的水和油过量或者另件破碎片掉入汽缸。制冷剂。
  When the remote controller is not in use, it will also make the battery (Battery) produce a little power consumption. Battery will leak electrolyte and corrupt the remote controller. Refrigerator maintenance cold storage compressor wet contraction, so that liquid refrigerant into the cold storage compressor cylinder, the amount of entry exceeds the volume of the gap in the cylinder, water and oil into the cylinder excessive or another piece of fragments fall into the cylinder. Cryogen.
  3. Is the air-conditioning power supply disconnected when the air-conditioning is shut down for a long time?
  When the air conditioner is turned on or off by remote control, the electrical components of the indoor or outdoor units will produce a little power consumption (from several to more than ten watts depending on the type of the unit). Wall-hanging furnace boilers often open: the temperature is not necessarily set very high, warm on the line; when leaving home, water temperature will be lowered but do not shut down, otherwise frequent start-up and rapid heating, not only can not save energy and shorten the life of wall-hanging furnace. Therefore, air-conditioning is not used for a long time. It is advocated to disconnect the power supply of air-conditioning in order to avoid the aging damage of power consumption and components.
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