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  1. Pre-preparation. At least two or more skilled refrigeration repairmen, a set of tools, seat belts and other safety equipment.
  2. Recycling refrigerant. Whether it is moving in winter or summer, refrigerants in air conditioners must be collected into outdoor units.
  3. Dismantling indoor machines. After refrigerant recovery, the indoor machine can be dismantled. Use wrench to unscrew the connecting lock mother of the indoor machine, and use the prepared sealed sodium to rotate and protect the thread of the connecting joint of the indoor machine, so as to prevent the thread of the joint from being damaged in handling, and then remove the control line by crossing. At the same time should be marked to avoid errors in installation.
  4. Dismantling outdoor machines. When disassembling outdoor machines, professional refrigeration maintenance workers should disassemble them under the condition of ensuring safety. After unscrewing the lock mother of the external machine, the filament of the connecting joint of the external machine is rotated by using the sealed sodium which has been prepared. Then use the wrench to loosen the fixed screw of the sole of the external machine.
  5. Installation. Attention should be paid to installation location and convection when air conditioning is reinstalled. Use detergent to detect leakage, observe whether there are bubbles in each joint, and verify that there is no leakage in the system, then tighten the valve bumper cap.
  6. Inspection. The test run and installation of the air in the exclusion pipeline and the internal machine have been completed. In the editorial view, whether in air-conditioning installation or removal, after the completion of the operation, it is necessary to check the machine, so as to ensure the accuracy of the operation! _________
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