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  In the hot summer, many of us are inseparable from the air-conditioning environment. After all, the air-conditioned center feels cool and warm. Usually, air conditioning has entered thousands of families, and its use has become very common. Some air-conditioners may become less windy and dusty after long-term use. What is the reason? Many people are wrong, because the prompt is incorrect. Prompt us to need cleaning filters. Inform us about the grey layer cleaning of air conditioning.
  Air conditioning reveals the cause of dust
  The appearance of "dusty" is mainly to prompt users to clean the filter. Many people do not pay attention to cleaning filters, and even do not know the results of long-term unclean cleaning filters: First, it may affect the operation of air conditioning and cooling effect, resulting in air volume reduction cooling effect is poor, may affect the air conditioning. Secondly, the air inhaled during air conditioning operation contains certain harmful substances such as dust, mites, viruses and so on. Some of them insist on filters. If the filter is not cleaned for a long time, the bacteria and fungi will grow in the air conditioner. It will produce unpleasant and even odor, pollute the indoor air-conditioning environment, and affect the well-being of the family.
  Dust cleaning steps
  1. When dust reaches a certain degree of accumulation, the air conditioner will have a sound indicator lamp. At this time, the need for clean air-conditioning, but also according to their own operating conditions to stop cleaning. Please unplug the air conditioning power plug before cleaning. It is necessary to have this common sense of safety when repairing various electrical appliances.
  2. The hanging air conditioner can be seen on both sides of the gap, which can be opened. Open the ends quietly and do it by hand. Then you can quietly pry open the air conditioning hood, you will find two filters. Dust accumulates on these two filters. Take it off quietly and pay attention to the position of the jack face down (pay attention to the direction of the device). After removal, wash the filter with soapy water, then wipe the water or dry it with a absorbent cloth.
  3. Device filter, pay attention to the direction of the device. After everything is restored to its original state, connect the power supply. At this point, the air conditioning will be turned on and the wind will increase. The little tips of dust disappeared.
  Explain how to make dust through the air conditioning above. How do you know how to clean the air conditioning filter? In short, we have understood the hazards of air conditioning, so I suggest that you liquidate air conditioning regularly. After a long time of application, a lot of dust will be produced. We still need to spend some time clearing it. After all, it's about our well-being. This is very important and should not be ignored. The introduction of this article is here, hoping to help you deal with the problem.


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