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Now the use of air conditioning has been very extensive, every household has basically used air conditioning, but after long-term use of air conditioning, there will be problems, then, when air conditioning problems, how should we check it? Let's talk about it in detail today. I hope it can help us.
It is important to test whether there is AC power supply, and then to check whether there is + 5V DC power supply at the power foot of CPU, whether the + 5V voltage is stable, whether the reset circuit and crystal oscillator are normal.
After the air conditioner is turned on. During refrigeration and air-conditioning operation, cracks (seams) should not occur in welds due to vibration. Pipeline should not be blocked by impurities during welding, nor should it enter moisture due to improper operation.
During refrigeration and air conditioning operation, the surface of welded parts should be clean and free of oil pollution. It strengthens the operation intensity of air conditioning and wastes money and power. Cleaning and disinfection is simpler than repairing. We can clean by ourselves, but don't disturb what we don't understand. Otherwise, it will severely damage the life of air-conditioning and lead to the continuous roar of air-conditioning.
When equipped with air conditioning, special care should be taken for the elderly and infants, because their temperature sensation is poor and their temperature dispatch is poor, so as to prevent unnecessary cost for enjoyment. Air conditioning repair service providers only need to code accurately, so that the machine can work normally from scratch. When repairing air conditioners, the computer boards are falsely reported to be damaged, and some of them charge high repair fees by repairing or replacing the computer boards without even passing any inspection.
In the analysis of whether the intake and outlet are dredged, whether the fan and blade work is normal, whether the wind power is normal, etc. Improper equipment. If the size of the bracket does not conform to the unit, the bracket is not fixed tightly or has not added shock absorber rubber and foam plastic pad, the vibration and noise of the air conditioner will be increased during operation.
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