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First, before using, it is necessary to clean the dust deposited in the air-conditioning filter screen first, then soak the filter screen with disinfectant; if possible, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to dust the indoor fan before using; and disinfect the air-conditioning filter screen on time;
2. Open the window and ventilate for a quarter of an hour every day when starting the machine. When using the air conditioner for the first time, we should ventilate more time to let the bacteria, molds and mites accumulated in the air conditioner emit as much as possible.
3. The time of air-conditioning should not be too long. It is better to open windows frequently for ventilation in order to reduce the concentration of indoor toxic gases and inject fresh air regularly. Smoking in the room is prohibited.
Fourth, we should pay attention to adjusting the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. Generally, it is better not to exceed 8-10 degrees Celsius.
Fifth, pay attention to the air conditioning in the work, do not spray pesticides or volatile liquids on it, in order to avoid leakage of electricity into trouble;
六、儿童、老人和病人房间的空调运用更要留意合理和科学的运用。 夏天家里该如何运用空调? 家里空调开启有指数 30度以下不宜开空调 空调开启指数3级 I级:35℃以上。
6. More attention should be paid to the rational and scientific use of air-conditioning in the rooms of children, the elderly and patients. How to use air conditioning at home in summer? It is not suitable to turn on air conditioning when the air conditioning opening index is less than 30 degrees. The opening index of air conditioning is Grade 3, Grade I: above 35 degrees Celsius.
空气相对湿度大于80%,风力小,十分适合开空调,适合时段在午后至天黑,佳温度为27℃。 II级:30℃以上,空气相对湿度为60%至80%,有风,适合开空调,适合时段在下午2点至黄昏5点,佳温度为26℃。 III级:30℃以下,空气相对湿度为50%至70%,有风,不适合开空调
The relative humidity of air is more than 80% and the wind is small. It is very suitable for air conditioning. It is suitable for the period from afternoon to dark. The optimum temperature is 27 C. Class II: above 30 C, air relative humidity is 60% to 80%, windy, suitable for air conditioning, suitable time from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., the best temperature is 26 C. Class III: below 30 C, air relative humidity 50% to 70%, windy, not suitable for air conditioning.


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