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来源: 日期:2019-02-27 发布人:admin
  Air conditioning is almost a necessity for every family, which is often used in summer. Many people may not know how long it takes to clean air conditioning. How to clean it to achieve the best results.
  Now the weather is getting colder and colder. The air conditioner that worked for a summer can finally rest. Some people "bathe" and clean it at this time. Jiang Ping told reporters that most people probably know that air conditioners will be used for a long time and filters will accumulate dust. If used again, it will not only pollute the indoor air, but also make air conditioning easy to accumulate bacteria, endangering people's health. Moreover, when dust is dispersed inside the air conditioner, it will also affect the operation of internal electronic components, which has a certain impact on the service life of the air conditioner. So how to clean and maintain air conditioning correctly?
  1. Why do you take the air conditioner apart for cleaning?
  When many families clean their own air conditioners, they only need to scrub the housing and filters, but they are not completely clean. After long-term use, air conditioning will accumulate a lot of dust. Bacteria, aphids and other harmful substances. For people with allergies, if household appliances such as air conditioners are not cleaned in time, internal dust may cause allergies and other symptoms. Therefore, professional cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning should be carried out regularly in order to effectively protect family health. In addition, cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning can not only improve the use effect, but also reduce energy consumption and energy saving. Deep cleaning can save electricity, improve cooling efficiency and prolong the service life of air conditioning.
  2. Is the air conditioning cleaner and cleaner more frequently?
  Maintaining the latest appearance and state of the equipment will certainly make the machine work best, but the cleaning times should be moderate. Frequent cleaning of air conditioning fuselage housing is not too much of a problem, but the internal components are too frequent to clean. The parts can also be loosened by disassembling the machine. Therefore, the cleaning times are still moderate, and the most economical and reasonable cleaning time is 1-2 months.
  3. How to clean up the easily accumulated internal filters?
  Air filters can be washed directly with a vacuum cleaner or clean water. If it is too dirty, it can be washed with warm water solution containing neutral detergent. Filters should be dry, not sun-dried or baked to prevent deformation of the filter.
  4. What is the hidden dirt in air conditioning?
  Regular cleaning of air conditioning filters has become the consensus of many people. However, many people may not know that there is a larger "dust distribution center" - the air-conditioning filter behind the air-conditioning radiator. After the cold air passes through the filter, the first contact is the radiator inside the air conditioner, which blows out from the air outlet through the internal wind wheel.
  Air conditioning radiators are not dismantled like filters. Here we need to use professional tools - air conditioning cleaning agent (large supermarkets are available, the price is about 10 yuan). Spray air conditioning cleaner on the radiator. Don't use too much, cover all fins evenly. After spraying, stand for about 5 minutes, then put back the dry filter and cover the front panel. Open the air conditioning and refrigeration mode with remote control, set the temperature a little lower (about 20), and then adjust the air volume to the maximum. After running for about 15 minutes, the fin cleaning of heat exchanger can be completed.


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