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  At the beginning of the air conditioning start-up, both internal and external units start together. After using for a period of time, the external units can automatically shut down, and then start again when the internal units are used to achieve practical results, so as to realize the function of exhausting heat or releasing cold air for the internal units. Refrigeration equipment maintenance removes heat from the object and its surroundings through the working cycle of the equipment, resulting in and maintaining a certain low temperature state. At present, the refrigerants used are mainly freon and ammonia, especially freon. However, due to the destructive effect of Freon on the ozone layer in the atmosphere, it has begun to be restricted by environmental regulations. Ammonia and other new refrigerants are being re-used and trial-produced. Therefore, in the normal use of the external air conditioning engine should not be started to deal with, in order to avoid self-defeating.
  There is also the need to check the power supply of the external air conditioner when the external air conditioner does not start from the start. Refrigeration equipment maintenance refers to the equipment mainly used for seafarers'food refrigeration, all kinds of goods refrigeration and cabin air conditioning in summer. It mainly consists of compressor, expansion valve, evaporator, condenser and accessories, pipeline. According to the working principle, it can be divided into compression refrigeration equipment, absorption refrigeration equipment, steam ejection refrigeration equipment, heat pump refrigeration equipment and electrothermal refrigeration equipment. At present, compressed refrigeration equipment is the most widely used in ships. Waiting a few minutes or no external start-up needs to see if the internal machine is working properly and whether it can achieve effective refrigeration and heating effect. If the internal machine is completely normal, it means that the external machine has not yet met the start-up needs.
  If the internal engine starts normally but can't exert its normal effect, it needs to deal with the external engine problems from the following aspects:
  Firstly, it is necessary to inspect the capacitors and compressors of the external units when the external units of the air conditioner do not start. The damage of these devices will lead to the external units do not start.
  Second, look at the circuit board and the electrical circuit of the external computer. If the circuit is not smooth, it is impossible for the external computer to start and use. Refrigerator maintenance cold storage compressor wet compression, so that liquid refrigerant into the cold storage compressor cylinder, enter more than the volume of the gap in the cylinder, into the cylinder of water and oil excess or another piece of fragments fall into the cylinder.
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