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For the use of air conditioning, regular cleaning of air conditioning filters is of great significance, whether from a health point of view or to avoid reducing the impact of air flow on cooling or heating. In the season of frequent use of air conditioning, cleaning air conditioning filters for 2-3 weeks is the most appropriate. When removing the filter, be careful not to scrape the parts inside the machine, such as the radiator.
You can use a soft brush or water to clean the removed filter, then dry it in a cool place, and finally install it back. The dust of air-conditioning filters should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive accumulation of dust and affect ventilation in complex environment. In addition, the cleanliness of air conditioning outlet and indoor machine is also necessary for family health. If you don't have time, you can find a professional air conditioning cleaning company for cleaning.
Frequent switching of air conditioning should be avoided in both constant frequency air conditioning and variable frequency air conditioning. Since the start-up of air conditioning, it usually operates at high power and consumes relatively more electricity. Moreover, another disadvantage of frequent switching of air conditioning is that indoor temperature fluctuates accordingly, and comfort is difficult to meet our requirements.
For inverter air conditioning, the automatic regulation of working power supply not only achieves the purpose of energy saving, but also effectively controls the change of temperature difference.
When the air conditioner is not used for a long time in the transition season, in order to prevent dust accumulation in the air conditioner, indoor air filters should be cleaned and installed in the original position. The battery of the remote controller should be removed and the power supply of the indoor air conditioning should be cut off to avoid unnecessary standby power consumption.


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