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  In hot and hot weather, air conditioning is a summer heat weapon that no family can achieve. What should I do if the air conditioner has been used for a long time? Recently, the air conditioning in the home always has low pressure and air conditioning, and the temperature setting is also very good. Looking at the air outlet temperature of the air conditioner has not changed significantly, the outdoor unit of the air conditioner does not work, what is the reason? Sometimes air conditioning can not automatically adjust the temperature and temperature control, sometimes there will be hot and cold conditions. If the cooling speed is fast, that is also a problem. Xiaobian will tell you the reason why the air conditioner does not cool and how to maintain it.
  What should I do if the voltage is low and the air conditioning is not cooled? There are two solutions:
  1.安装稳压器。 (一般电器商店和专卖店有)
  1. Install voltage regulator. (There are general electrical stores and specialty stores)
  2.购买变频空调。 (低150V可以启动)我建议你买一台变频空调! !优点如下:
  2. Purchase frequency conversion air conditioning. (Minimum 150V can start) I suggest you buy a variable frequency air conditioner!! The advantages are as follows:
  1. Start-up current is small and the speed increases gradually. Start-up current is one-seventh of the traditional air-conditioning.
  2. There is no heat and cold problem, because the variable frequency air-conditioning gradually reduces the speed as the temperature approaches the set temperature, gradually reaches the set temperature and keeps the balance between the low frequency operation and the loss of cooling capacity, so as to keep the indoor temperature stable.
  3. Noise is lower than that of traditional air conditioning, because frequency conversion air conditioning adopts double-rotor compressor, which greatly reduces the imbalance of swing and makes the vibration of outdoor units very small, about one-second of that of traditional air conditioning.
  4 Refrigeration and heating speed is 1 to 2 times faster than traditional air conditioning. Frequency conversion air conditioning adopts electronic expansion and throttling technology. The microprocessor can control the opening of the valve according to the information collected by the temperature sensor, such as the compressor suction pipe installed at the inlet and outlet of the expansion valve, to achieve rapid cooling.
  Regular air conditioning cleaning ensures safe operation of air conditioning, saves energy, reduces energy consumption and prolongs service life. It is more important to create a healthy and comfortable environment for users. Let's clean the air conditioner regularly and keep us healthy forever! At present, air-conditioning maintenance departments only need to wash filters for air-conditioning cleaning, unclean condenser and air-conditioning evaporator, which is the most serious part of air-conditioning dust removal jam. This kind of cleaning can only wash away some dust, but can not completely eliminate bacteria, and achieve the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth.
  There are many reasons why air conditioning does not cool. I introduced two effective solutions. If the voltage is low, please try to install a positive brand regulator, which will effectively control the voltage, and there will be no cold and hot temperature control. Good news. If you buy a fixed frequency air conditioner, there may be voltage instability and no cooling. At this time, it is recommended to buy frequency converter. Frequency conversion air conditioning refrigeration speed is very fast. After purchasing air conditioners, regular cleaning and maintenance are needed to prolong the service life of air conditioners.


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