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  First, the air outlet of the air conditioner should not be directly opposite the door.
  If the air conditioner is directly opposite to the door, it violates the principle of Feng Shui "store wind and gather air", not only can not gather money, but also has the worry of releasing money and not gathering popularity, so this point must be paid attention to. If the room area is limited, air conditioning and doors have to be opposite, it is better to change the angle of air conditioning, so that it is not in the right direction with the door.
  2. Air outlet of air conditioner should not blow directly to human body
  If the air outlet of the air conditioner blows directly on the sofa or bed in the living room, it will affect the health of the family first, and then it will have a negative impact on their luck.
  This common sense of life should be shared by everyone. Air-conditioners blow directly and people are cool, but they can easily catch a cold or even have a stroke. Those who are light in shoulder and arm are suffering from wind pain, and those who are heavy in weight may have askew hands and eyes and language barriers.
  And sitting on the sofa is directly blown by air conditioning, impact behind the airflow magnetic field, easy to have the fear of instability, affecting the work, career momentum.
  When people sleep, their resistance is weak, and the defense function of skin and respiratory system decreases. Air-conditioned beds blow directly, not only will make the body uncomfortable, from geomancy and water, there are also easy to attract evil.
  The above situation requires adjusting the air outlet angle of the air conditioner, or moving the sofa and bed position, so that the wind comes from the side.
  3. Air conditioning should not blow the table directly
  Air-conditioning often adsorbs a lot of dust. If the restaurant air-conditioning directly blows the table, the dust will easily be accompanied by the wind blowing into the food, but also easy to cool the dishes on the table. It is not sanitary, nor conducive to healthy eating, but also will affect the restaurant atmosphere.
  4. Air-conditioning should not be directed to the stove
  Cooking in the kitchen in hot summer is a painful thing, so many friends install air conditioning in the kitchen to create a more comfortable environment for themselves when cooking.
  Kitchen stoves are essential for cooking. If the air conditioning is directly on the stove, the fire of the stove will be unstable and the cooking energy will be affected, thus affecting the health and fortune of the residents.
  So if the kitchen can not install air conditioning, try not to install, because even if it is not directly against the stove, air flow will be impacted. If the air conditioning must be changed, the air outlet of the air conditioning should be raised as far as possible.
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