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  What should we pay attention to in air conditioning maintenance
  First, we need to clean air-conditioning filters regularly.
  For more dust environment, filter cleaning should be more frequent, in order to avoid too much dust, affecting the air volume of air conditioners. Water system and air duct system should regularly clean air-conditioning filters, usually 2-3 weeks or so. When cleaning, the air-conditioning filters will be taken out. Dry soft brush will be used to remove the dust on the filter network. Cleaning water can also be used to remove the dust on the filter network. After drying, it will be loaded into the air conditioner for use.
  II. Inspection of air conditioning power supply
  Frequently check whether the contacts between plugs and sockets of air conditioners are good. If it is found that the outlet wires or plugs of power supply are hot when the air conditioners are running, this may be because the electrical wiring is too thin or the contacts between plugs and sockets are not good, corresponding measures should be taken according to the situation.
  3. Check whether air conditioning leaks water and fluorine
  The water system should pay attention to whether the pipeline connection is leaking. If multi-line system and air duct system are used, it is necessary to observe whether there is refrigerant leakage at the interface of refrigerant pipeline of air conditioner. If oil stains are found, the leakage of refrigerant should be dealt with in time, so as to avoid the shortage of refrigerant caused by long-term leakage, which will affect the refrigeration (heat) effect of air conditioners and even cause damage to compressors.
  The above is an introduction to air conditioning maintenance in Jinan. For more information, please click on our official website: .


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