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来源: 日期:2019-01-16 发布人:admin
  Recently, it seems that the whole country has carried out a large-scale cooling, many places are covered with snow, while enjoying the beautiful snowscape, indoor heating is the problem we need to face, but often what to fear, now is the time to use air-conditioning, often the key time is to drop chains, there are various problems, it will probably feel that air-conditioning. It's broken, but it's not always the case.
  1. The colder the weather, the worse the heating effect of air conditioning. This is a normal phenomenon. Low outdoor temperature makes it more difficult for air conditioning to absorb air heat from outdoor air environment, which results in relatively poor heating effect. Generally speaking, air conditioning at 0 degrees to minus 5 degrees, the heating effect is not good.
  2. Home power supply tripping occurs after cabinet air-conditioning is used for a period of time. First check whether the size of the air conditioner matches the size of the main switch of the power supply. For example, three or more air conditioners are recommended to use the air switch above 63A (old house, new air conditioner, line mismatch, is also normal).
  3. In heating mode, try to turn on low wind speed when starting, and then turn on high wind speed after one hour. If you use electric auxiliary heat, you will smell blurred. Please don't panic. This phenomenon is normal. Everything that has just started to use will taste a little bit.
  4. There is no hot air when the air conditioner starts. This is because the air conditioner has added the function of "cold air protection" when heating. It takes 3 to 8 minutes to turn on the air conditioner before the hot air comes out gradually.
  5. Air conditioning can not be restarted after shutdown. It will be delayed for several minutes. This is because the air conditioner can not run until 3 minutes after shutdown. The protective timer will work automatically to avoid frequent start-up of the air conditioner and to protect the main components of the air conditioner from damage.
  6、   因天气持续低温,室外温度低于0度时,会出现频繁化霜,一般空调约45分钟化霜一次,每次化霜时间约10-15分钟,雨雪天气化霜更加频繁,属正常现象。
  6. Frequent defrosting will occur when the outdoor temperature is below 0 degrees due to the continuous low temperature. Generally, air conditioning defrosts once for about 45 minutes, each defrosting time is about 10-15 minutes. It is a normal phenomenon to defrost more frequently in snow and rain weather.
  Notes for heating with air conditioning in winter: 1. In winter heating mode, the air guide plate of the air conditioner should be downward to let the hot air blow out from the tuyere downward, and the heating effect of the room will be faster (otherwise, the hot air will float on the upper part of the room, and the height of the room is less than 2 meters). 2. Air-conditioning, please clean the filter first, to ensure a large air volume and healthy breathing! 3. After winter, check the battery of the remote control first. If there is a full screen display of the remote control by pressing the switch key and then it shows that the air conditioner can't turn on, please replace the battery.


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