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  Most of the air conditioners sold on the market are equipped with quality certification marks. Because of the different certification organizations, these marks are also varied and varied, which brings some difficulties for customers to understand the products. The following is a brief introduction of common air conditioning quality certification marks:
  Mark: The inspection mark of the Import and Export Product Inspection Bureau of our country states that the product is a regular import and export product with safe and reliable quality. All imported household appliances must have this mark in order to be able to sell in our market. Cockroach
  "Great Wall" logo: China's electrical product certification quality certification logo. The compulsory certification products include TV sets, recorders, air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, electric tools and low-voltage electrical appliances. Cockroach
  2. How to Choose Air Conditioning
  When purchasing air conditioners, we should consider the brand, quality and service price according to the practical needs, so that we can get satisfactory air conditioners.
  Air conditioning is generally divided into window type, split wall type, split vertical cabinet type, mobile type, ceiling type, so you should choose according to the family practice format.
  Window type air conditioning: The machine in the room surface is integrated into one, suitable for small area rooms, the device is convenient and inexpensive. Cockroach
  Separate wall-mounted air conditioning: It is easier to match with interior decoration accessories without limitation of device orientation, and has less noise (decibel). Cockroach
  Separate vertical cabinet air conditioning: power (refers to the amount of work done by objects in a unit time) large, strong wind, suitable for large areas of rooms, and can conduct multiple room temperature control. But the price is more expensive than split wall air conditioning. Cockroac
  Mobile air conditioning: Applicable to local refrigeration, can be used in many occasions, such as kitchen, living room, construction site, office, but the noise and window air conditioning is similar. Maintenance of central air conditioning touch low-pressure return pipe surface temperature. Normally, the suction pipe is cold and the exhaust pipe is hot. Hand feel should feel cool, if the ambient temperature is low, low-pressure return pipe surface will also have dew droplets, if the return pipe does not condensate, and high-pressure exhaust pipe is relatively hot, compressor shell is also very hot, it is likely to be lack of refrigerant, if the return pipe of the compressor condensate all, and condense to half or all of the compressor shell, to clarify the excessive refrigerant. Cockroach
  Single-cold type: suitable for hot summer and warm winter areas, or areas with adequate heating in winter. Cockroach
  冷暖型:适用于夏日炎热、冬天寒冷地区,而且应留意选择制热量大于制冷量的空调以保证制热效果。 电辅佐加热型立柜式空调:除立柜式空调一般特色外,还增加了电辅佐加热部件,保证冬天制热微弱。
  Warm and cold type: suitable for hot summer and cold winter areas, and should pay attention to the selection of air conditioning with heating capacity greater than refrigeration capacity to ensure the heating effect. Electrically assisted heating vertical cabinet air conditioning: In addition to the general characteristics of vertical cabinet air conditioning, electric assisted heating components are added to ensure weak heating in winter. Cockroach


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