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来源: 日期:2018-12-20 发布人:admin
  An air conditioner repairman went to repair an air conditioner for a user, changed an outdoor fan capacitor, and charged 120, which was a bit of a mistake to himself. (Considering that the user bought a second-hand air conditioner, coupled with the first floor, and her work unit is also the element of their unit, it counts.) Unexpectedly, when I changed it, her husband said it was not a capacitor? Why do you charge so much for 5 yuan?
  I stopped and said, Big Brother, I sell skills, not accessories. You know why it's cheap, why don't you buy it and replace it yourself? What are you doing with me? He is still too expensive. I also said that I spent more than ten years learning skills and wasted many fanghua. Can this be measured by money?
  After listening to me, I noticed that he was blushing. I thought he felt guilty too. He said nothing more and paid the money.
  Once upon a time, air conditioning repair was an industry that many people envied! Especially in the countryside, there is a skill, plain clothes and food, but also more smoothly marry a wife and have children, even a beginner apprentice, can also pretend to be a skilled worker in front of customers!
  Although there are many people repairing air conditioners, it is still a difficult and long process to learn how to repair air conditioners. From apprenticeship to handicraft teacher, every air conditioner repairer works for customers for at least three to five years. Every air conditioner is condensated with his years of hard work and sweat. It is not in accordance with the rules of shopping malls to charge for replacement and repair for free.
  To inform the repair professionals, we should abandon the idea of vicious competition and strive for our due profits, because we are not charitable, we also have to support the family, and our own handicraft is not responsible for homework. Also inform those customers that we are not selling accessories, we are selling skills!
  Please respect our work. Although our working environment is dirty and messy, and our work is very tired and hard, it is not necessarily everyone can do it. It is precisely because of the tens of millions of repairmen like us that hundreds of millions of household appliances users in our country have greater travel guarantee!


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