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  Because consumers do not understand air conditioning, in the process of operation inevitably presents the phenomenon of "false faults", that is, air conditioning may not be bad, but because of improper use of consumers, or operating equipment remote control and other temporary problems and can not be used, at this time, we have to deal with it correctly.
  Do not despise air-conditioning faults
  1. If you do not refrigerate, you should first check whether you have mistakenly switched the refrigeration form to heating, dehumidification or air supply. If so, natural air-conditioning will not appear.
  2. The difference of refrigeration and heating function is better to check whether the filter screen is clean, whether the air inlet and outlet of the room surface are unobstructed. In addition, the greater the temperature difference between the room surface and the air conditioner, the cooler the air conditioner brings. Turn on the air conditioner separately when the temperature difference in the room surface is not big, it will make people feel that there is no very cool feeling in midsummer.
  3. When not running, we should pay attention to whether it is caused by voltage instability or inappropriate setting temperature. In the form of refrigeration, when the set temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, the air conditioning can not operate.
  4. 80% of the remote control failures are caused by the exhaustion of battery power or the failure of users to remove unnecessary batteries for a long time, resulting in leakage of batteries, which endangers the remote controller.
  5. The white fog blown out by the indoor machine is a normal phenomenon because of the excessive humidity of the indoor air or the large temperature difference between the inlet and outlet.
  6. Noise is mostly the sound of refrigerant flowing in the indoor machine, transpiration or natural expansion or shortening of plastic parts announcement, which will not affect the normal operation.
  7. The air conditioner will continue to blow after shutdown, which is caused by the active opening of the dry and clean function of the air conditioner. After a period of operation, the air conditioner will actively shut down.
  8. Frequency conversion air-conditioning outdoor unit sound time is large and small, this is because of the frequency change of compressor operation of frequency conversion air-conditioning phenomenon. "If all the preliminary tests are normal, but the problem remains, it should be repaired at this time."
  Professional Jinan air-conditioning maintenance personnel said that in order to prevent air-conditioning problems in the process of operation, before using air-conditioning, it is necessary to clean up the air-conditioning and try the machine. "In order to ensure the refrigeration effect of air conditioning, long-term unused air conditioning should be cleaned before starting, even if there is no problem." Air conditioning is not necessary for a long time, it will gather a lot of dust and bacteria, which will not only cause the refrigeration system to work under high pressure, power consumption and noise, but also blow back to the room through the air in the process of air conditioning operation, which will simply affect human health.


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