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1. recycling refrigerants
Whether in winter or in summer, it is necessary to collect refrigerants from air conditioners into outdoor units. Before dismantling the machine, the air-conditioner should be started, and the refrigeration condition can be set by remote control. When the compressor works for 5-10 minutes and the refrigeration condition is normal, the cap on the interface between the liquid pipe and the gas pipe of the external machine should be screwed off with a wrench, and the cut-off valve of the high-pressure pipe (thin) should be closed. After 1 minute, the surface of the pipe should be condensated, and the low-pressure pipe (thick) cut-off valve should be The door, with the same agile shutdown, pull off the power plug, tighten the safety cap with a wrench, and then the refrigerant recovery operation is completed. (If it is winter, it is better to cover the temperature sensor probe of the indoor machine with a warm towel, and then control the cold condition to set the power on.)
The forced start button on the indoor machine can also be used to start the machine, and the same observation of whether there are other problems in the indoor and outdoor machine. Avoid the trouble of moving the plane.
2. indoor dismantling machine
After refrigerant recovery, the indoor machine can be dismantled. Use wrench to unscrew the connecting lock mother of the indoor machine, and use the prepared sealed sodium to rotate and protect the thread of the connecting joint of the indoor machine, so as to avoid breaking the thread of the joint in handling, and then remove the control wire by cross-lifting. Together, markings should be made to avoid incorrect connection in the device. If the signal or power line is connected incorrectly, the external machine will not work, or the machine will not be operated.
The hanging plate of the internal machine is generally fixed firmly and difficult to unload; after unloading, remove the hanging plate and place it on the plane cement ground, then quietly flatten and correct it.
3. dismantle the outdoor unit.
Removal of outdoor machines should be done by professional refrigeration maintenance workers under the condition of ensuring safety. After unscrewing the connecting lock mother of the external machine, use the sealed sodium to screw the thread of the connecting joint of the external machine. Then use the wrench to loosen the fixed screw of the sole of the external machine. When putting down the outdoor machine after disassembly, it is better to hang it with rope. When disassembling, we should pay attention to balance, avoid oscillation and knock, and pay attention to safety.
The acceptance of outdoor air conditioners should be slowly straightened, and the four ports of the joint acceptance should be sealed with four ready plugs to avoid dust and moisture entering the air. The plug is good, and then the plastic bag is used to tie it up and make it easy to carry.
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