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The central air-conditioning is provided with cold or heat sources by the main air-conditioning unit, and the cooling or heat is sent to the terminal equipment of the air-conditioning through the water pump and special pipeline. The flow rate is controlled by adjusting the speed, quantity of the water-saving pump or the pipeline valve during the transportation process. Central air conditioning is widely used in many fields. According to different characteristics, it can be divided into many types and has its own characteristics.
(1) classification according to the transfer form of cold (heat) quantity.
It can be divided into two main types: water cooling (heat) and air cooling (heat). In short, the water-cooled type is by the air-conditioning main engine centralized production of hot or cold water, and through the pipe to the end of each fan coil, through the end of the fan, produce hot or cold air, to achieve heating or cooling effect. Air-cooled (hot) type is in the form of cold (hot) wind, through the pipe to the air-conditioning area, but this way of energy loss is also greater. The former has high equipment input and relatively convenient point control, while the latter has low equipment cost, but the volume of the duct is large and the point is difficult to control.(2)按照能量提供形式分类
(2) categorization according to the form of energy supply.
It is mainly divided into single cooling type and cold warm type. The single cooling type refers to the central air-conditioning which can only provide cooling capacity to reduce the single function of space temperature. The cold and warm type refers to the central air-conditioning with the function of heating and cooling. These two types are mainly the use of geographical differences, single-cold type is mostly used in southern cities, cold and warm type in the central cities.
(3) classification according to the occasion of use
It can be divided into two types: large commercial and small household. The two are basically the same in terms of working principles, and the main difference lies in their working situations. Large commercial central air conditioning design is more complex, unit requirements are more stringent, the cost of facilities and equipment is higher; small household type, compared with the structure and construction is simpler, low cost.


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