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Air conditioning installation steps - determine the main engine type.
Consider the area and orientation of the house to see if there are large areas of glass windows, in order to calculate the maximum simultaneous use factor of air conditioning. Generally speaking, in the ordinary household environment, the actual use of the required cooling capacity is often not the cooling capacity of all rooms, so we should consider the actual situation to choose the size of air conditioning. This will save investment and avoid unnecessary waste.
Installation steps of air conditioning - confirm indoor installation position
_Depending on the size of the required cooling capacity to determine the model, each room or hall needs to be based on the actual layout of the indoor room to choose the installation location of air conditioning, not facing the window or door, can not be installed in the table near the indoor ventilation.
_Only by choosing the correct installation location, air conditioning in the future refrigeration and heating will better play its performance. Generally speaking, if the layout of your home is a pattern of windows and doors facing each other, the air conditioning is installed on the side wall near the window; if the layout of your home is not opposite to the door, then if there is space above the window, it is better to be above the window.
Air conditioning installation steps - confirm air conditioning layout
_The location of the main engine should pay attention to good ventilation and heat dissipation, easy maintenance, while the location should be placed as far as possible to facilitate the inspection of the location, so that in the future what the air conditioning situation is also easy to check.
_The location of indoor equipment and indoor decoration layout with, so as to meet the user's needs and achieve the purpose of matching furniture, here in particular to pay attention to the air conditioning and wardrobe and bed location with: wardrobe is easy to understand, if he placed next to the air conditioning will affect the two periods of dispersal, thereby affecting the entire room Refrigeration effect; the bed position should not be placed directly under the air-conditioning, or people fall asleep easily catch a cold.
_Although the general manufacturers of outdoor machines have done a good job of rust prevention, but it is recommended that users should not affect the heat dissipation in the case of adding some more cover, such as rainproof shed.
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