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1, the installation position of air conditioners should avoid the bad natural conditions as far as possible. Oil fumes and sandstorms are very easy to damage the air conditioners. Direct sunlight or high temperature heat source will cause air conditioning to be refrigerant not timely, the refrigeration effect is bad.
2, the installation location of the air conditioner should be as close as possible to the indoor unit, and also consider the conditions of air circulation, no sunshine or less sunlight. The external unit of air conditioner should be installed in the external wall of the air-conditioned room. The north facing direction is the best, followed by the south, and the eastward and westward direction is the worst.
3, the air conditioner should have more than 10cm space on the side and back of the air inlet. The distance from the front direction should be above 70cm. Due to the different structure of the air conditioners, the required space dimensions are different.
4, the installation surface of the air conditioner should be strong and strong enough to bear the load. When the installation surface is the old wall or roof of the building, it must have solid brick, concrete or its strength equivalent mounting surface. The installation site should be able to bear the weight of the air conditioner, and it should be free from vibration and noise. For example, air conditioning on the balcony will produce strong resonance and noise.
5, exhaust air and noise do not affect neighbourhood. No air conditioner should be installed in public places such as passageways, staircases, and exits in buildings.
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