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According to the load calculation results of central air conditioning system, air condition, wind pressure, cooling heat, air outlet noise and air filtering requirements of central air conditioning system in Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance are determined. Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance design or manufacturing use we often find that the choice of one or another box air conditioning problem, mainly has enough air cooling and cooling capacity, condensation, the appearance of condensate board water, cooler part of the water table.
Thermal insulation cabinet; in order to prevent the outer shell of the shell, the national standard stipulates that the thermal resistance of the outer casing should not be less than 0.68m-2/kw and prevent the cold bridge from the junction of the box. At present, insulating materials are mainly PEF or polyurethane foam materials.
迎风风速:为了减小产品的尺寸,澳门威利斯人娱乐往往产生较大的迎风风速,从而导致空调箱冷却段后的水的产生。如果水板的设计不合理,问题就更严重了。因此,在选型时,应在2 ~ 2.5m/s在迎风的冷却器风速控制。
Windward wind speed: in order to reduce the size of the product, the air conditioning manufacturers in Ji'nan often produce large windward wind speed, which leads to the production of water after the cooling section of the air conditioner. If the design of water boards is unreasonable, the problem is even more serious. Therefore, when selecting, we should control the wind speed of 2 ~ 2.5m/s in the windward cooler.
Air leakage instructions: the analysis of the central air conditioning maintenance plant, Ji'nan air conditioning maintenance in the 700pa box static pressure combined air conditioning box, the air leakage rate in the machine can not exceed the actual use of 3%. found, air leakage rate of up to 10%.
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